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My Wish List for the World

As we start a new year, I want to voice my hopes for the world. If we stay in expectancy with them, hopefully we will see them come to fruition in our lifetimes.Global Hands

  1. An End to All Wars
    As the old song say, “War! What is it Good for — Absolutely Nothing.” We are all part of the human race, sure we come from different races, cultures and regions, but we are all one, and every life is sacred.
  2. An End to Gun Violence
    Have we had enough of crazy people shooting up innocent people? Something needs to be done. And mental health is part of the issue too.
  3. People over Profits
    I want to see a world where companies value their employees, and treat them fairly at a fair wage. I want the companies to be mindful of the environment and even their product lines. Do we really need more violent video games? Or ways to get drunk?
  4. Men and Women Equal
    I never got the idea that a woman would get paid less for doing the same job as a man. It is time for that thinking to end. Why can’t a woman be attractive and smart?
  5. Marriage Equality for All
    Who cares if you love a man or a woman? We all want to get married, whether we are gay or straight. Love is love.
  6. Affordable Healthcare
    People should be able to see a doctor when they need to, and not worry if they are going to be able to afford it or not. Again, it call comes down to taking care of one another, and caring for your fellow man.
  7. Affordable Education
    If you desire to learn, you should be able to go to school. Everyone should be able to get a quality education at a decent price. The world is quickly changing, and we need to constantly challenge ourselves to learn more.
  8. Respect for our Differences
    We are never going to all be the same, in our thinking, in our beliefs, our appearance, our cultures, our faith and more. Who said we have to be.  Let’s let everyone be themselves and not persecute them because they are different from us.
  9. A Decent Standard of Living
    I am not asking that we all be millionaires… but it would be nice if everyone could have a decent standard of living. To not worry and struggle just to make ends meet.
  10. Affordable Housing for All
    Again, I want a world where there are no people sleeping on the street. That we could find and keep affordable housing for everyone.
  11. Creativity Nurtured
    A personal one for me. We are all creative individuals, yet somehow creativity is often squashed and discouraged when we are young. Who knows where that creative thinking could lead to?

Let’s all pray that these come to pass in our lifetimes. We are all one in this human race, we need to be here for each other.

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Bullying: A Personal Perspective

I have been bullied in my life. This was long before the internet and the recent rash of cyber bullying across the country. I am sure the feelings the person feels hasn’t changed much. You feel violated, alienated, used, stupid, and sometimes scared.

I remember a few instances from childhood. I remember being at the park, and running home because my friend and me were being harassed. Another time, I remember being in another park for their annual playdays carnival and some older kids came and took our money. These were isolated one-off deals. Not so with what happened in school.No to Bullying

In grammar school, I was picked on. I was shy and quiet, not good at sports. I was good in school, but that didn’t count much with my classmates. I was called gay and fag a lot. I would wonder why people were singling me out. I didn’t think I was those things.

In high school, the bullying got worse. There was a new group of people to pick on me. They called me names, and used to slap me on the back of my head. What was their problem? I didn’t do anything to them, yet they wouldn’t leave me alone. That first year of high school was one of my worst. I was very depressed and I did think about suicide, never seriously though. I had God on my side.

I can only imagine how amplified things are with the internet, and cell phones now. Bad enough they talk bad about you in person, now they are chatting on Facebook, in chat rooms and on cell phones, via voice or text. Being perceived as different sucks in school. You are dealing with hormones wrecking havoc on your body and emotions — you are growing up, getting hair on certain places on your body, finding yourself having sexual thoughts and feelings, becoming an adult. Where do I fit in with this big world? It is a lot to handle. It is definitely overwhelming at times.

The second year in high school, things calmed down, and the bullying was over by my 3rd year.

Something happened recently that brought back a lot of bad feelings. We moved to a new apartment in the Valley. We are an open interracial gay couple. We have a rainbow flag in our window. We have a large deck area for our unit. We started to get stuff thrown on our patio from somewhere: kids toys, yogurt cups, tennis balls. Often it would land on our glass table with a big thud. My head immediately went to someone being after us because we were gay and/or interracial. We complained to the management and got no response from them. So we upped our complaining and told them we thought it was a hate crime. I had a long conversation about it with the management. The last item that landed on our deck that really set me off was a naked Barbie doll.

I had encountered negative people before when we were doing the Prop. 8 stuff, but never in my home. I really felt violated. Why were they picking on us? I deserved to feel safe in my home.

Well, I was way off base…. Property management found out that it was a kid on the 3rd floor that was doing it. When the Mom of the girl, found out that we thought it was a hate crime, she started to cry and apologized. I really felt horrible about it. How could my mind think the worst of people? But given what we grew up with, it was not surprising. My lover thought it was a kid from the beginning… but I took it all the wrong way and was convinced someone was out to get us.

I don’t know what the answer is to the bullying that is still going on in schools. All I know is that we need to teach our kids to treat others with kindness and respect, even if they are different from you.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. The second part will address the movie “Bully” and Mitt Romney also.

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including the Real Men Wear Kilts line. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.



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