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Movie Stars I’d Love to See on the Small Screen (Part 2)

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Last week I addressed women I would like to see doing some TV. This week I will talk about the guys. Here’s my wish list:

The Men

Jude Law
Star of The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain. With his good looks fading some, he would be perfect for some sort of procedural, be it a medical or lawyer show.

Ewan McGregor
Star of The Impossible and The Ghost Writer. He has had a nice and varied career, so not sure he would want the gig of a TV series. I love the romance angle for him, maybe an update of something like “Hart to Hart.”

Pierce Brosnan
Star of Mamma Mia and Die Another Day. The one-time Remington Steele, would be great for some sort of family drama.

Antonio Banderas
He can do comedy and drama, and has The Expendables 3 coming out this summer. But what about some sort of family drama, where we get to see him use more of his acting chops than a Sly Stallone movie.

Tom Cruise
Star of Top Gun and Mission Impossible. This is a total wild card pick! He would be great, but he would have to endure such a huge pay cut, I doubt he would do it! Still who wouldn’t want to see him in his first series. Ratings would be through the roof. Maybe this is still 10 years down the line for him… he can’t keep making action movies forever.

Adrien Brody
Sure he won the Oscar for The Pianist, but can you name any of his other movies? I think he would be good for a show on the Sundance Channel, as he seems to be an indie guy at heart.

Joaquin Phoenix
He seems to be finding good roles in the movies still, see last year’s “Her” — so getting him to do a series might be a hard sell. But he would bring an intensity to any role that he was offered.

John Cusack
He’s been in some good movies like “Being John Malkovich” and duds like “2012” too. I could see him playing some sort of retired ball player, coaching some new recruits.

Richard Gere
One of my favorite actors, he always brings his best when he is on screen. But like the rest of us, finding decent roles isn’t as easy as you get older. I would watch whatever show he was on.

So that’s my list! Did I leave any of your favorites out? Let me know what you think.

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