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My Testimony of Gratitude 2014

As I look back on this past year, I have a lot to be thankful and grateful for. I celebrated a milestone birthday, I turned 50. It was an excellent day filled with family, friends, laughter and love.KiltMan Thanksgiving

I am so grateful to be healthy, have a job and to have a home. I celebrated 9 years at my job this year, and I am happy to be there.

I get to live in a city that has great weather and so many fun activities to do. I get to walk, hike, dance, swim and have picnics in the park.

I get to come home every day to my loving partner, Rasheed — 25 years and we are still in love. And we are looking forward to getting married in the near future.

I am thankful to have my parents still living, and appreciate all that they do for me. I have so many people that love and care for me: family, friends, penpals, coworkers, email friends and more. To know that I have people who care all around the world is awesome to me.

I am thankful for my creativity, originality and youthful outlook. I hope that I can continue to share my gifts and talents with others.

I am thankful for our animal companions. We lost 2 of them this year, but we were lucky to have some many wonderful times together. We also were grateful to have known our friend, Elliott, who also died this year, and were blessed to have him in our lives.

Like anyone, I have my times when I get sad and feel frustrated. But at the end of the day, I come back to the belief that life is a gift. And we should treasure every moment of every day. Every night before I drift off, I count my blessings and say “Thank You” for all that God has done for me.

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Testimonies of Gratitude

I try my best to live in gratitude every minute of every day. I wanted to spotlight three things that I am grateful for:

I have been fortunate to meet and get to know some great people over the years. These are people that I met through various pen pal programs over the years — from the Gay Center, fan clubs for Madonna and Janet, and others from the internet. I have only met 2 of them over the years, most of our communications have been via letters and later on via emails. One friend I have been writing to for almost 30 years and we have never met. I just want to say how much I appreciate their friendship and let them know how much I love them in my life.

I can’t imagine a life without music. It makes me smile, makes me want to dance and sing along. Hearing certain songs brings great feelings about the time the song came out, who I was friends with, what we were doing. Others remind me of how lucky I am to have my partner. Others remind me of all the fun shows I have been to over the years, and how the performer was able to make a connection with the audience. I am grateful to my parents to exposing me to their favorites and having all those Christmas sing-alongs over the years.

When I was young, I really felt different and that I didn’t fit in. I was the square peg in the round hole. I was the giraffe in the room — someone who would stand out in a  room and not for a good reason. But as I have gotten older, I have realized an important lesson. God does not make mistakes. He made me the beautiful and unique individual I am today. I don’t need to “fit in”; I can be the man I want to be, and I don’t have to conform to what society or religion expects me to be. I am Dan and that’s all there is to it.WhyConform

This is just a small sample of my gratitude list. Being grateful is a way of life in my life, I hope you make it one in yours.

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Giving Gratitude and Thanks

The following article was compiled from various websites. I want to wish everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving. Every year my church cooks and serves a full Thanksgiving meal for 1000 homeless/less advantaged people on the day before Thanksgiving Thursday. I am not able to help out this year due to other commitments, but I wanted to give a shout out to St. Monica and all they do for the community. It is a great example of the true meaning of the season.

The point of Thanksgiving is to remember the things we have to be grateful for. It’s our special time to give thanks… not just for the obvious, like food, but for the thousands of fortunate moments, the multitude of blessings that we receive each year.

That’s not always as easy as it sounds. We tend to remember the bad things much more easily than the good. That’s where this article comes in. using the tips below, you can make thankfulness an everyday habit. It’s a skill that will benefit you throughout the year.

Begin by keeping a gratitude journal. Don’t write down negative things; only positive ones. For example, “I’m grateful that I made it through that heavy rush hour traffic safely.” “I’m grateful that I got to see a beautiful sunset.” “I’m grateful that I have a class at school that I really like.”


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