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Let’s Fix American Idol

I am a bit of an American Idol fanatic. Season 11 just finished and the winner was Phillip Phillips. Not my choice at all. I wanted Jessica or Skylar to win it. The boy has some talent, but I have had it with WGWG (white guys with guitars) winning. Richard Rushfield, author of the book American Idol: The Untold Story, said, “You have this alliance between young girls and grandmas and they see it, not necessarily as a contest to create a pop star competing on the contemporary radio, but as…who’s the nicest guy in a popularity contest.” So here are my suggestions for how to fix the show for Season 12:American Idol

  1. An all-woman season
    After having a male winner for the past 5 seasons, it is time to do something to guarantee a female winner. How about a season of all females? This has not been done before. Considering the wide variety of styles that could be showcased (country, pop, R&B, jazz, rock, singer-songwriter), I would definitely tune in to see this.
  2. An all-star season
    Heard from Ruben Studdard lately? He was great on the season he won… and his career never lived up to his promise. I heard a song from David Cook recently in a store, and he is good too. What about Melinda Doolittle, a favorite from season six? Past winners, or finalists whose career never reached the heights they should have could return, and have a second chance at stardom. (more…)

Singing Competition Overload

I admit it, I like reality shows. But I am starting to feel a bit of singing competition overload. In the past year, we have seen “The Voice,” “American Idol, “The Sing Off,” and “The X Factor” not to mention “America’s Got Talent” and “The Glee Project” too which have singers on them. It seems like America is searching for new talent year round now.The X Factor

“American Idol” is still the best of the bunch as far as I am concerned. There is something about taking someone who was an unknown and turning them into a star. You can’t deny the track record: all the album sales, concert tickets, Grammy Awards and even an Oscar winner from their ranks. It is a pop culture institution at this point. It introduced the world to Simon Cowell and reinvigorated the career of Paula Abdul. Sure there have been some weaker seasons and winners, but overall it is the one I still love the most. And the one I follow pretty religiously. They have 3 genuine stars from their ranks: Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood.

“The X Factor” was supposed to knock “Idol” out of the water — but it hasn’t. It has done decently in the ratings, but to me, it is not that different than “Idol.” It was renewed for season 2, but there are some things that need to be fixed. Nicole Scherzinger needs to go, she brings nothing to the competition. She is a good singer and I enjoyed her when she played in “Rent” on stage but not here. I don’t like the drastic cuts, having 2 cuts where 2 acts go. If you need to start earlier to avoid things like that, then do it. The same thing happened to “So You Think You Can Dance” when it was on in the fall (since there is a shorter time span in the fall from Sept to Dec. than when shows go in the spring from Jan. to May). The arrangements and production are so overblown. Do we need all the fireworks, and backup dancers? Sure these people want to be touring artists… but they will only get there based on vocals and great songs. I would like to see more of the actual mentoring of the contestants with their mentors. I do like the idea of having older singers and groups too, so keep those categories. It is supposed to be about the SINGERS and not the judges, so remember that!


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