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Sam Hunt: Country Hip-Hop

Sam Hunt in Concert
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Greek Theatre

“15 in a 30” Tour

Special guests: Ryan Follese, Chris Janson and Maren Morris

Songs performed: Wilder, Float Your Boat, Put a Label on It, Lose a Little Sleep, Tonight Tonight (Ryan Follese); Redneck Life, Who’s Your Farmer?, Everybody, I Love This Life, Name on It, Fix a Drink, Holdin’ Her, Truck Yeah, Buy Me a Boat, Ring of Fire (Chris Janson); Sugar, Just Another Thing, How It’s Done, I Could Use a Love Song, Once, 80’s Mercedes, Rich, My Church, Second Wind/Halo (Maren Morris); Leave the Night On, House Party, Raised on It, Saturday Night, Cop Car, I Met a Girl, We Are Tonight, It’s a Great Day to Be Alive, Don’t Rock the Jukebox/Ignition/Come Over, Speakers, Body Like a Back Road, Take Your Time, Ex to See, Make You Miss Me, Break Up in a Small Town/Drinkin’ Too Much

Merchandise purchased: T-shirt

Comments: Sam Hunt headlined the Greek Theater for two nights on his “15 in a 30” Tour. It was the first headlining tour since his broke through with his debut album “Montevallo” — a critical and commercial hit in 2014-15. The crowd was definitely pumped for him, and they proved it by singing along to all of the songs that night (and not just the choruses, but the verses too).

He came on stage around 9:30 PM and played an enthusiastic and engaging 1.5 hour set. He was dressed in a loose-fitting camo shirt, cargo pants, combat boots and baseball cap. Plus he has a neatly trimmed beard too.

When I describe his music to those not familiar with him, I describe it as country hip-hop. Yes, he sings, but at other times, he is more just sing-talking, or even rapping on some numbers. Plus there are some hip-hop flourishes and scratching in the music too.

He is currently riding high with his #1 country hit “Body Like a Back Road.” There is no new album to promote at this point, as he is taking his time with an official follow-up. He did though play some songs from his acoustic mixtape “Between the Pines.” And the crowd ate them up, and gave them just as good of a reaction as the songs off of “Montevallo.”

He started the evening with “Leave the Night On” from that album. He had a very nimble and capable band behind him that was able to recreate the sound of the records. The stage had 3 large horizontal video screens on top, that played background imagery to help accentuate the songs; as well as lots of lights and smoke effects too used throughout the night.

During the middle of the concert, he took time to do an acoustic segment and talk about his influences. He grew up in Georgia. He sites country music, especially Alan Jackson (Don’t Rock the Jukebox); as well as R&B influences like (Juvenile, Usher and R. Kelly). He even sang Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”. He talked about the power of music, and how the internet has changed everything for the music fan. He did not address the recent incidents in Virginia, but did say that he believes you choose your friends not by the color of your skin, but by the fact that you enjoy spending time with them. And that the younger generation is going to continue to break down more barriers in our society.

Sam also played a few of the songs he wrote for other artists, like Keith Urban (Cop Car), Billy Currington (We Are Tonight) and Kenny Chesney (Come on Over). He told the story of how broke he was and then he sold the song to Billy Currington. And he also said that he married the girl from the song “Cop Car” earlier this year.

He was humbled to be playing such a large venue and recalled when he played the Troubador in Hollywood just a few years ago. Sam is definitely an engaging entertainer. He roamed the stage like a hip hop artist and was bouncing around the it during the uptempo numbers. He did hit a few bum notes, but I credit that with lack of touring and not lack of talent.

The opening acts were all entertaining and got better as the night when on. First up was Ryan Follese. It turns out he is a former pop guy trying his hand at country. He was the lead singer for the pop-punk band Hot Chell Rae. And he even sang their hit “Tonight Tonight” as his final song.

Next up was Chris Janson. He put on a high-energy set that had the crowd on their feet. He is definitely of the “Bro-country” pack… as his songs about tractors, trucks and drinking proved. He is also a good harmonica player. I haven’t seen one around since the days of Blues Traveler. He also had a nice song for his wife and 4 kids. His voice was very strong — I would like to hear more from him. He included the hit he wrote for Tim McGraw — “Truck Yeah.”

And lastly was Grammy-winner — Maren Morris. I first saw her on tour with Keith Urban last fall. And she has only gotten better since then. She was wearing a sexy outfit, with a bare midriff and crop top. She performed hit songs and album cuts from her debut “Hero” (which is very good by the way). That album contains country, blues, rock and pop textures on it. She ended her set with “Second Wind” which she mixed with Beyonce’s “Halo.” She is definitely on her way to great heights.

Thanks to Sam and all of the performers for a fantastic evening at the Greek Theatre.

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Guys I Want to See in a Kilt Part 3


It is refreshing to see more and more kilt companies popping up in the last few years. They see a market for something different with men’s clothing. And who better to improve visibility for kilts, then to see a celebrity wearing one. I would love to see the following celebrities out and about in a kilt. I am sure they would make some best-dressed lists if they did.

Sam Hunt — This country hunk has made a splash on the music scene in the past year with his album “Montevallo” and it’s singles “Take Your Time” and “House Party.” I can imagine him rocking a utility kilt for sure.

Teddy Sears — Besides being an actor in such shows as “The Flash” and “Masters of Sex,“ this man is an athlete who loves surfing and triathlons. A sport kilt sounds up his alley.

Matt Bomer — He’s been in big box-office hits (Magic Mike) and TV shows too (American Horror Story: Hotel). Plus he’s gay in real life. I could see him wearing a kilt on the red carpet some time.

Ben McKenzie — He’s come a long way since “The OC”. Now starting on Fox’s Batman prequel “Gotham” as Detective James Gordon. He plays a tough guy on TV, but I bet he has a softer side in real life. Plus he has Scottish ancestry too.

Tom Mison — He stars on “Sleepy Hollow,” as a man who is from another time. So he is used to period clothing. What has more tradition and history than wearing a kilt?

Jamie Bell — The boy who was “Billy Elliot” has grown up nicely. He has a background in dance, besides acting in such films as “The Eagle” and “Snowpiercer.” I could see him wearing a hiking kilt on the weekends.

Jason Derulo — Pop/R&B hit-maker Jason Derulo has given us such fun songs as “Talk Dirty” and “Want to Want Me.” Plus, he’s taken on judging on “So You Think You Can Dance” also. He is always very stylish and trendy with his clothes. I could see him rocking a kilt in his concerts.

Corey Stoll — He’s equally at home on screens big (Ant-Man) and small (House of Cards). He’s tall and has big ears… just imagine him wearing a kilt commando.

Jason Statham — Action hunk Jason Statham has definitely kicked some major ass on the big screen in such films as “The Transporter” and “Fast 8.” I can’t imagine anyone taking issue with him when he is wearing a kilt.

Chris O’Donnell — He started in the movies (Batman & Robin), but now makes his home on TV (NCIS: Los Angeles). Plus he has some modeling on his resume. I could see him wearing a kilt relaxing on vacation.

Zac Efron — He came from the Disney Channel (High School Musical), but he’s graduated to big screen roles in “Hairspray and “Neighbors.” He boyish charm, and hot body would make him look great in a kilt.

So, those are my choices for this latest round of kilt fantasy hunks. Did I mention your favorite? Be sure to check out Parts 1 & 2 of this series. Sound off in the comments with your choices.

KiltManinSoCal is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Marriage Equality and Real Men Wear Speedos lines. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Summer Entertainment Roundup Part 2

Part 1 covered movies. This blog will cover DVDs and CDs that I have been enjoying during the spring and early summer, read on:


Stranger by the Lake — This independent foreign movie tells the story of a gay relationship that starts at a gay cruising beach. One guy may have seen the guy he’s interested in drown another man. With nudity and some real sex scenes too. Grade: B+

Rush — Directed by Ron Howard, this movie tells the story of 2 Formula One race car drivers in the 70’s in Europe. They pushed each other, and had a friendly competition over the years. Grade: A-

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty — An update of an old movie starring Danny Kaye. Ben Stiller stars as Walter, who has an active imagination. Sean Penn plays a pivotal role as a photographer who helps to spur on Walter’s real life journey around the world. I liked it, but not as engaging or funny as you would hope it to be. Grade: B-

Masters of Sex (Season 1) — We are catching up on this show on Netflix. Originally broadcast on Showtime, this series tells the story of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson, as they prepare their ground-breaking sex study. Lots of skin for sure considering the subject matter and a good cast all around too. I definitely recommend it. Grade: A-

Paddington — From the makers of the Harry Potter series, comes the live action tale of the talking bear named Paddington. He created mischief for the family he moves in with. Nicole Kidman plays a villianness. Cute, but not overly so. I enjoyed it. Grade: B

Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb — The third movie in the Night of the Museum trilogy. Hopefully it is the last. What started as a cute concept (things come alive in the museum after dark) has become one big excuse for special effects at this point. Good to see Robin Williams on screen again… but in this? He’s done better, and so has Ben Stiller. Mildly entertaining at best. Grade: C

So I have started back with my own new music Thursdays… once upon a time I would drive to the record store and buy CDs on payday. But now, I just click a button and buy it on Amazon or ITunes, and it is downloaded to my computer.

Ed Sheeran “X” He lives up to his hype! This signer-songwriter from England has definitely made a name for himself. This album features great songs like “Don’t,” “Sing” and “Thinking Out Loud.” He is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Grade: A-

Maroon 5 “V” The LA band — led by the charismatic Adam Levine — shows no sign of letting up with their hit singles. It continues the pop sound of the last few albums. “Songs About Jane” still is their best collection; but this one has “Maps,” “Animals, “Sugar” and “Lost Stars” too. Grade: B

Britney Spears “Britney Jean” This one was a flop for Britney, undeservedly so from my perspective. I just question the singles that were released from it. Highlights include “Work Bitch,” “Perfume” and “Passenger.” The duet with her sister is nice too. Grade: B

Kylie Minogue “Kiss Me Once” She is still giving us some fun dance pop on this her 12th album. Highlights include “Into the Blue”, “I Was Going to Cancel” and “Beautiful” — her duet with Enrique Iglesias. Nothing new stylistically, but solid none the less. Grade: B

Glee “The Music Presents the Warblers” The show is over, but the music lives on. The Warblers were the competition of the McKinley High New Directions. Darren Chris is the featured lead on a number of these tracks. Includes the hit “Teenage Dream” — love hearing it as a gay love song. Grade: B+

Kelly Clarkson “Greatest Hits — Chapter 1” As the original American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson has made quite a dent on the pop music charts over the course of her career. She is not slowing down either… features all the hits, plus a few new songs too like “Catch My Breath” and “People Like Us.” Grade: A-

The B-52’s “Nude on the Moon: the B-52’s Anthology” Coming out of Athens, Georgia in the late 70’s, early 80’s, the B-52’s were something different in pop music. This is their most comprehensive collection to date, and includes all the hits and album cuts from their years on Warner Bros. Plus a few alternate versions too. Grade: A

Darius Rucker “Southern Style” Darius’s 4th country CD doesn’t add anything new to the mix. But it is solid, if unspectacular. Grade: B-

Lady Antebellum “747” Lady A finally realized that they were becoming a bit too adult contemporary in their sound. So it is nice to see them dig into some fun uptempo numbers on this latest collection. And you get their trademark vocal harmonies too. Grade: A-

Miranda Lambert “Revolution” An earlier collection from one of the current queens of country. I loved “Platinum” but this one is starting to grow on me after a few listens. Grade: B

Sam Hunt “Montevallo” This singer-songwriter has written songs for Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and Billy Currington. On his debut album, he writes some hit songs for himself too like “Leave the Night On” and ‘Take Your Time.” He has taken country and mixed in some hip-hop influences into his music. Grade: A-

So that’s all for now. Hope you are enjoying the summer. I would love to hear from you.

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