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‘Real World’ Issues

The latest season of MTV’s The Real World just ended. This is the ground-breaking reality show that takes seven strangers, puts them in a house, and let’s us watch as things get ‘real.’ The latest installment was filmed in Portland, Oregon. There were a few issues raised this season that I wanted to comment on.Real World Portland

• Open Marriage
The roommates like to party and are often seen out at local bars/clubs. On the first episode of the season, Jordan met a cute girl at a club. She then proceeded to introduce him to her husband of 1 week. Fine enough, but did I mention that the girl was looking to hook-up and that the husband was fine with it? Woah — Way to honor your marriage commitment. These are probably the same people who would deny me the right to marry my partner.

• Gay Sex
Sex is another favorite topic in the household. Somehow the topic of anal sex came up. Marlon, a good-looking masculine black guy, admitted to having anal sex with a man. What was his role, top or bottom — it wasn’t said. He identifies as straight and I applaud him for his honesty. The other guys seemed cool with his answer. Women have always been more open about bisexual experiences, but with men it is still taboo to mention in many circles. I hope we are coming to a place where an admission like this is no big deal.

• Purity Ring
One girl in the house, Jessica, started to date a cute, tall guy named Tyler. They seemed to be getting closer, but then Jessica sacred him off by putting up a bunch of photos of the two of them around her room. After the sad breakup via email, Jessica decided to buy a purity ring for herself, and made a big announcement to her roomies. While I applaud her for realizing she doesn’t need a man to make her happy, I don’t get the whole announcing it to the roommates. Her celibacy is between her and God — we don’t need to know. To me, there is something to be said for not hopping into bed with the next person you meet. Waiting can be a good thing.

• Self Esteem
One roommate, Jordan, was born with a birth defect on one arm. He doesn’t have a full hand, but just some nubs there. He has been very hard to get along with sometimes, and one roommate insists it is because he supposedly has a small penis. But Jordan had a good confessional moment, and admitted that he didn’t like himself very much, and he didn’t know how to change. I think we have all been there with this one! I know I had low self-esteem in my late teens and early 20’s. I hope he comes to love himself.

So what issues will come up on the next season of the show? We will have to stay tuned to find out.

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Pop Goes the World

Hello and welcome to my blog. When I first thought about starting a blog, I wasn’t sure what the content would be. But after some consideration, I have decided on a mix of pop culture and observations about society in the 21st century from yours truly. Who am I you ask? My name is Dan and I am a 40ish gay male who lives in the Los Angeles area. I have been in a committed relationship with my partner for over 22 years. I am a graphic artist by trade, huge music fan, and I love to wear kilts… I am sure all these things will be addressed as the weeks go on.

These week’s topic is “The Real World”. I am a fan of this long running reality series on MTV. The latest installment marks a return to Las Vegas. For anyone who has lived under a rock all these years, the premise of the show is to take 7 (or sometimes 8 ) strangers and put them in a house for a few months. Everyone is from different backgrounds and experiences, but they usually find good looking 18-25 year olds… who don’t mind having their lives taped 24/7. This season features a guy named Dustin Zito… a cute athletic white boy who is often seen shirtless. He looks like he could be a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. He fell into a relationship with a little blonde girl named Heather… they were often seen cuddling, making out and hooking up. A few weeks in, and the roommates find out that Dustin has done porn… gay porn. This of course caused a lot of controversy in the house… Heather had to confront Dustin about it and they broke up because it was too much for her. Dustin had for years starred on a website called A bunch of horny college guys running around naked a lot, jerking off and having an occasional blowjob. He claims he was young and stupid and it was not really something he was proud of or something he was really into. Yet he did it for a few years… So Dustin was “gay for pay” then. He said he saw it as a good opportunity out of the community he lived in.

The problem I have with Dustin is he seems so homophobic… This is the guy who said he didn’t want a gay guy for a roommate because the guy would be sniffing his underwear…Really? I have never known a gay guy who was into that! I can accept that sexuality is not all black and white… and that it is often gray. I did try to see some of his porn, but the best I came up with was a few boner shots, but no sex scenes. He had a big grin on his face, and seemed to be enjoying himself from what I could see. He took the checks he got from his “modeling” gig and cashed them.

Dustin’s friends actually showed up in Vegas the weekend the news broke, and he was able to convince his straight male friends that he was young and stupid and that it was no big deal. I am glad that his friends didn’t think any less of him because of it. That shows that they are true friends. He actually showed them the site and the photos too.

In an episode or 2 after Dustin and Heather broke up, she went and hooked up with another girl roommate Nany. Talk about being 2 faced! Here she was not handling what Dustin had done and she hooks up with a girl! But the funny thing is here, the other straight males in the house, Mike and Leroy, were so turned on by this. They had their tongues hanging out like it was the greatest thing that ever happened. What is it about straight guys that loves the idea of hot lesbian action?

Society in general seems to have an issue with bisexuality in males… for females, it seems like it is no big deal at all. And they are not seen as less than for having a lesbian encounter. But for a man, it is still seen as a big taboo. Why is that?

All those rumors for years and years about Tom Cruise and John Travolta? I bet there is probably some truth to them. Are these guys gay? I don’t think so. Both are married and have children with their wives. Have they had gay sex? Maybe… so what if they did anyway?

Dustin needs to make peace with his past. So what if he fooled around with guys and enjoyed it? Maybe that is not where he is at now, I can accept that. But he can’t escape his past, it is always going to be a factor for him. Every interview, every acting job, it will be mentioned… you know it! I really wish that Dustin was forced to work a big gay event at the Hard Rock Hotel as part of his “job” at the hotel. Like have him work a gay couples event, gay parents event, an AIDS fundraiser. Have him see that we are normal too and that being gay doesn’t make you weird, or someone who is a predator. I know plenty of cool gay people who are fun to party with. They are great role models, have good senses of humor, and are not afraid to laugh at themselves. And I have never caught one of them sniffing my underwear! By the way, Dustin and Heather did get back together…

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