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Blondie: Rapture Be Pure

Blondie in Concert
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Club Nokia LA Live

Special guest: Nico Vega

Panic of Girls Tour 2011

Songs performed: “Union City Blue,” “Dreaming,” “Atomic,” “D Day,” “Call Me,” “Love Doesn’t Frighten Me,” “Maria,” “What I Heard,” “China Shoes,” “Wipe Off My Sweat,” “Horizontal Twist,” “Mother,” “Rapture,” “Fight For Your Right,” “One Way or Another,” “The Tide Is High,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Heart of Glass”

Comments: Looking every bit the rock star she is, Debbie Harry took the stage at Club Nokia dressed in a military-inspired coat and dress with red sunglasses. Sure, she and her bandmates look a bit older and grayer, but the music was as strong as ever.Blondie "Panic of Girls"

This was my third time seeing the group since they got back together in the late 90’s. And from the show they put on, they seem to be reenergized with the new music and excited to be performing their classics live to their adoring fans. It was nice to see them in a smaller venue (2300 capacity) and to be so close to the stage too (We were about 10 feet from the stage).

As the set went on, Debbie took off more clothes until she had a mini-dress and leggings on. She is still a commanding stage presence in her 60’s. Chris Stein and Clem Burke round out the original lineup with help from Leigh Foxx (bass), Tommy Kessler (guitar) and Matt Katz-Bohen (keyboards).



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