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Boy Band Black Album

I can’t take credit for this idea, as I saw it on Entertainment Weekly’s website first. But I thought I would put my own take on it, since I have always loved boy bands. It was inspired by a bit in the movie “Boyhood” where Ethan Hawke’s character gives his onscreen son the Beatles “Black” album made up of the best of all their solo songs. So technically, EW was cheating with their list, because if we did it the same way as in the movie, it would only be songs from one particular band (NSync, Backstreet Boys, etc.). But what fun would there be with that? So here are my choices for my Boy Band Black Album:

  1. Brian Littrell — In Christ Alone. For his lone solo album, Brian decided to go in a Christian rock direction. He calls it “pop positive.” Nothing like a little love for Jesus.
  2. Nick Carter — Heart without a Home (I’ll Be Yours). For his first solo album, “Now or Never”, Nick went for a more pop-rock sound. He is still a lover at heart.
  3. JC Chasez — Something Special. It’s too bad JC’s career never took off. His first solo album was pretty good, if eclectic. This country pop number is one of my favorites from it.
  4. Nick Lachey — What’s Left of Me. I remember when Nick didn’t want to be seen as a hunk to sell records… that was for his first flop solo CD. This one came out after his breakup with Jessica Simpson. Who doesn’t love a wounded sexy man?
  1. Robbie Williams — Angels. He was a member of Take That, before he left for his own successful solo career. He never really took off in America like he has the rest of the world, and that’s too bad. This was one of his best.
  2. Joey McIntyre — All I Wanna Do. The young kid from New Kids on the Block, grew up nicely. I remember seeing him on his first solo tour, and the venue was half empty. Oh well! This is still a fun song.
  3. George Michael — I Want Your Sex. Yes, he was from a boy band — Wham! I even have their first album released in the US as Wham UK. Before all the headlines and craziness, this was one of his best.
  4. Nick Jonas — Who I Am. Recorded with his backing band, the Administration, Nick showed that he was fine without his brothers. Now he’s finally working on his 2nd solo project. I am looking forward to it.
  5. Jordan Knight — A Different Party. The 2nd NKOTB guy to make my list. His first solo album had him taking on a more R&B direction than his group. It works for me!
  6. Gary Barlow — Open Road. He was also in Take That. This is the title track from his first solo album.

I purposely left off Justin Timberlake. He has shown he is a true superstar, but I am disappointed that he doesn’t give NSync more love. He wouldn’t be where he is today without that group. The least he can do is do a medley of NSync songs in his show like Beyonce does for Destiny’s Child. Which reminds me, maybe I can do a Girl Group Black Album next. Any suggestions? I would love to hear from you.

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Speedos, Masculinity and Music

Real men still wear Speedos. Little did I know that this would become my most famous and successful posting to date. This latest entry will examine men in the music/entertainment business. We’ll talk about famous guys in Speedos as well as some views on masculinity too.

After cruising around the web the other day, I stumbled upon a new music video by the group LMFAO called “Sexy and You Know It.” The description said that members of the group were shakin’ it in Speedos at Venice Beach. I watched it, and thought it was a very fun video. It is about time that we get to see men shake it in music videos. LMFAO is a relatively new group made up of 2 guys — Redfoo and SkyBlu, both related to industry maven Berry Gordy (son and grandson). They had a big hit this past summer with “Party Rock Anthem.” Redfoo is the lead singer on the latest video, while SkyBlu is seen sporting a cardboard box TV head. I give the guys props for donning Speedos. They seem secure in their sexuality (I assume they are straight) and are having some fun. They don’t seem to care what other people think. Dancing at the club in Speedos would be awesome I am sure. And there are liberal shots of them shaking their “junk.” Be sure to watch the video here.


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