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Hunks on Film

Male stars drive the box office. A good looking guy can go from a nobody to a leading man in no time flat. Which male movie stars are today’s screen hunks? Read on:

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  • Michael Fassbender, age 37 — Movie highlights: Shame, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Prometheus. Equally adept at indie movies and big studio movies, he famously did his own nude scenes in Shame.
  • Vin Diesel, age 46 — Movie highlights: Fast & Furious franchise, XXX, Pitch Black. Going back to the Fast & the Furious franchise was the best career decision he ever made.
  • Chris Hemsworth, age 30 — Movie highlights: Thor, The Avengers, Rush. He has shown he has talent beyond his biceps.
  • Ryan Gosling, age 33 — Movie highlights: Crazy Stupid Love, Lars and the Real Girl, Drive. One of the most adventurous leading men on the list, he is definitely not afraid to take chances with his roles.
  • Chris Evans, age 33 — Movie highlights: Fantastic Four, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers. He graduated from cheap teen movie spoofs to one of the most profitable actors now working.
  • Channing Tatum, age 34 — Movie highlights: Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He definitely has “Stepped Up” his career from his early days as an exotic dancer.
  • Michael B. Jordan, age 27 — Movie highlights: Fruitvale Station, That Awkward Moment. He has more experience from TV, but he is definitely an actor to watch out for.
  • Zac Efron, age 26 — Movie highlights: Hairspray, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Neighbors. He may have come from Disney, but he has broken away from the pack unlike most of his former HSM costars.
  • Jeremy Renner, age 43 — Movie highlights: The Hurt Locker, The Avengers, American Hustle. He is riveting in anything you put him in.
  • Bradley Cooper, age 39 — Movie highlights: The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle. Finally he showed he is more than just a pretty face and is choosing movies more worthy of his talents than the Hangover series.
  • Matt Damon, age 43 — Movie highlights: The Bourne franchise, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Saving Private Ryan. Is there anything this guy can’t do? I would love to see him do some more comedy.
  • Ben Affleck, age 41 — Movie highlights: Argo, The Sum of All Fears, Pearl Harbor. Directing has definitely given him a second career he can fall back on. It will be interesting to see his take on Batman.
  • Jason Statham, age 46 — Movie highlights: The Bank Job, Transporter franchise, Crank. So he doesn’t have as much range as other actors on this list, he is good at his genre… which is a guy who has a bad attitude and likes to kick ass.
  • Brad Pitt, age 50 — Movie highlights: 12 Monkeys, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, World War Z. Too pretty for his own good when he was younger, he has chosen his roles very carefully.
  • Christian Bale, age 40 — Movie highlights: Batman trilogy, The Fighter, American Psycho. He really dives into his roles, and gives it all he has got.
  • Matthew McConaughey, age 44 — Movie highlights: Dallas Buyers Club, The Wedding Planner, A Time to Kill. He was praised early on in his career, before all the bad romantic comedies, and arrest for nude bongo playing. I am glad he found his passion for acting again.
  • Chadwick Boseman, age 32 — Movie highlights: 42, Get on Up. The upcoming James Brown bio pic looks like a hit for him.
  • Jaime Foxx, age 46 — Movie highlights: Ray, Dreamgirls, Django Unchained. He has come a long way from “In Living Color.” He has won an Oscar and Grammys too.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, age 39 — Movie highlights: Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator. Now tell me why this man has not won an Oscar yet? I just don’t get it.

So that’s my list. Did I leave anyone out? Let me know your thoughts. I hope to see you at the movies.

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Pop Hunks

Popular music is filled with good looking men. These guys not only sing (or rap) well, they have undeniable star power. They make us want to watch their videos, buy their albums and see them in concert. Here is my list of some of the hottest guys in pop music (in no particular order):

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Justin Timberlake
Finally back on the music scene after a long hiatus, it almost seems like he never left. He can act, sing, dance, play instruments and be funny on Saturday Night Live. He is a modern day Renaissance man. Essential songs: Suit and Tie, Rock Your Body

Adam Levine
One of the coaches on The Voice, as well as the lead singer for pop-funk group Maroon 5. He is very gay friendly and has been known to take off his shirt & more for videos and photo shoots. Essential songs: Moves Like Jagger, This Love

Like JT, he’s had a decently long career since his teens. Now also on The Voice, he is a consummate entertainer and wows us with his dance moves and sexy songs. Essential songs: DJ Got Us Falling in Love, Scream

Originally from Canada, he first got a taste of stardom as an actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation. But it’s his rapping skills that have taken him to the top of the charts.
Essential songs: Find Your Love, Take Care

Enrique Iglesias
Son of famous father Julio Iglesias, Enrique is a star in his own right. Whether he is singing in English, Spanish, or Spanglish, he sounds and looks good in any language. Essential songs: Rhythm Divine, I Like It

Jack Johnson
Hawaiian-born surfer Jack Johnson is a singer-songwriter, filmmaker and musician known for his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. Essential songs: Sitting, Wishing, Waiting; Gone,

Ricky Martin
Another force to be reckoned with, he has done everything from boy bands (Menudo) to soap operas (General Hospital) to Broadway (Evita). Ever since he shook his bon-bons on the Grammy Awards, he has been making waves. And now he is a proud out gay man to boot. Essential songs: Cup of Life, Livin’ La Vida Loca

Bruno Mars
Inspired by the past, but definitely very contemporary, Bruno has made a big splash on the pop charts in the last few years. Plus he writes a lot of his own stuff. Essential songs: Locked Out of Heaven, Grenade

John Mayer
Having dated a who’s who of female celebrities (Jennifer Anniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry), Mr. soft-rock guitar guy comes across as a sensitive poet in his songs. Essential songs: Daughters, Waiting on the World to Change

The Wanted
Boy bands are back, and for me, this is the sexier of the 2 new groups on the scene (the other being One Direction). They have a new reality show on the E Network too. Essential songs: Glad You Came, I Found You

Chrome-dome ‘Mr. World Wide’ has found a successful formula for pop-rap dance hits. And don’t get me started on the bugle in his pants, he’s got some fans because of it. Essential songs: I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho), Give Me Everything

Lead singer of the hard rock band that bears his name, he is also an American Idol finalist. Plus he has gotten in great shape in the past year, if you follow him on Facebook. Essential songs: Home, Feels Like Tonight

A successful singer, composer, and dancer, plus he is getting into acting too. He can love you all night long. Essential songs:  So Sick, Let Me Love You

Not very well known outside of R&B circles, but his appearance at the Grammy’s this year definitely raised his profile. Plus he is on Mariah Carey’s new single “#Beautiful.” Essential songs: Adorn, Sure Thing

98 Degrees
Reunited and it feels so good. They are part of The Package Tour this summer with Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block. Hunky brothers (Drew and Nick Lachey) lead up this group that also features Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre. Essential songs: The Hardest Part, Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)

New Kids on the Block
They just released their new CD “10” and are headlining a big summer tour. Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre lead up this group of grown men on the block. Essential songs: You Got It (The Right Stuff), Please Don’t Go Girl

Jon Bon Jovi
Also big on the tour circuit this spring and summer, Jon brings his namesake band out for a tour in support of their latest CD “What About Now”. Plus he fits in some acting when he can (New Year’s Eve). Essential songs: Blaze of Glory, Wanted Dead or Alive

So that’s my list. Did I leave anyone out? Let me know your thoughts.

KiltManinSoCal is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Marriage Equality and  Rock the Kilt lines. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Country Hunks 2

Country music is filled with good-looking men. This is my sequel to my previous post on Country Hunks. A lot of these guys are new to the scene, but I am sure they will be breaking hearts and selling music for years to come.

Brantley Gilbert
This singer-songwriter from Georgia is engaged to country beauty Jana Kramer. He has also written songs for Jason Aldean. Essential songs: “Country Must Be Country Wide” and “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.”

Hunter Hayes
This cutie from Louisiana, was nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy Award in 2013. His debut album “Hunter Hayes” earned him an opening gig on Carrie Underwood’s tour. Essential songs: “Wanted” and “Somebody’s Heartbreak.”

Jake Owen
This hunk from Florida looks like he could have been a male model. He has toured with Kenny Chesney and has released 3 albums. Essential songs: “Eight Second Ride” and “Alone with You.”

Florida Georgia Line
This country duo get its name from the 2 states the guys are from: Brian Kelley (FL) and Tyler Hubbard (GA). After releasing 2 EPs, the guys finally released their first full-length album in 2012. Essential songs: “Cruise” (remix w/ Nelly) and “Get Your Shine on.”

Easton Corbin
Another signer-songwriter from Florida, he once worked at a hardware store in Nashville before making some contacts through a cousin. Essential songs: “A Little More Country Than That” and “Lovin’ You Is Fun.”

Love and Theft
They started off as a trio, but they are now a duo made up of Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles. Stephen even inspired a song on one of Taylor Swift’s albums (“Hey Stephen”). Essential songs: “Runaway” and “Angel Eyes.”

Dustin Lynch
This hunk hails from Tennessee. He is opening for another country hunk, Keith Urban, on tour this summer. Essential songs: “Cowboys and Angels” and “She Cranks My Tractor.”

Luke Bryan
This man has been raking in the awards lately, including winning Entertainer of the Year at the ACM Awards. Plus he seems like a nice guy too. Essential songs: “All My Friends Say” and “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).”

Chris Young
A winner on the reality show Nashville Star, he recently released his 4th album “Neon.” Essential songs: “Tomorrow” and “You.”

As long as there is country music, there will be good looking men in cowboy hats and jeans singing the songs. So did I leave any one out? I would love to hear from you.

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Marriage Equality and  Rock the Kilt lines. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

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