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Hair’s the Deal

Like my hero Madonna, I have tried a lot of different looks with my hair over the years. I had bigger 80’s hair like a lot of people. I tried parting it in the middle and on the left side. I have colored it: blonde, brown, black and even red. In my 20’s I started to get my first gray hairs — what can I say it runs in the family. I love to tell people that I have only known my Mom with gray hair… I had to see photos of her to see that she used to have black hair. So now I am salt and pepper… brown on top, lots of gray on the sides and in my beard too.

I have had feathered cuts, step cuts, Caesar, flat-top, military, faux hawk, Mohawk and even bald. I like short hair on other guys and often wear my hair short. My partner and I invested in a hair trimmer and he often cuts my hair for me. A buzz with a 0-2 trimmer looks great.

I’m in my late 40’s now, but my family HATES the Mohawk. To them, I say too bad. I have had a Mohawk for the past 5 summers. It usually starts as more of a fauxhawk and then gets more extreme as the summer rolls on. My Mom is like “It’s not appropriate for work” (they don’t care Mom), “It’s strange or weird.” (not to me, it looks nice and sexy). Have you been the mall or a gym lately, I am far from being the only guy who has one. It is pretty mainstream now even. I see a lot of kids and babies with Mohawks and faux hawks now. What is the issue here? The haircut does not change ME… I am still the same person. I am an artist by trade, I am open to being seen as edgy or artsy. To me, my Mom doesn’t have a say in this issue at all.



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