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All Lives Matter

This blog was written a few months ago. In light of recent events, the topic discussed is very much still relevant.

As regular readers of this blog know, I am not much of a political person. I have my hot-button issues like marriage equality… but I would rather talk about Madonna than who is leading in the latest polls for the next President.AllLivesMatter

But for me, I guess I have reached my breaking point with the latest round of mass shootings. They are all starting to get too close to home for me. Killed while praying in church, watching a funny movie or doing your job (at the Marine base and recruitment center)? That could have been me — or at least someone I know.

I am a big entertainment fan, and as such I go to a lot of movies and concerts. I find myself being on the lookout at those places for the crazy person — the person with the backpack with a bomb in it, or the concealed weapon under their bulky jackets. Is this really the world we are living in?

People in other countries are getting the impression that America is overrun with crazy gun nuts running down the street with uzis. They don’t know the beautiful and diverse America that I do.

The shootings at Columbine high school, or Sandyhook, or the Colorado movie theater or the murder of Trayvon Martin… and on and on. And NOTHING has been done about gun control in this country? NOTHING? Seriously!?

What good comes from a gun? I just don’t get it. I don’t want one in my house. I know that other people do… but how do we make sure that mentally unstable individuals don’t get them? That includes those that kill themselves from them too. I lost one work friend from a self-inflicted gun shot wound… a married father of 2. Plus I know of 2 people killed in drive-by shootings too.

You are statistically more likely to kill a family member rather than kill a criminal. Guns make small minded individuals feel important.

In no way, am I trying to take away from Black Lives Matter. My lover is African American, and I worry that he will be the victim of some crazy racist in my community. I can hide the fact that I am gay, he can’t hide the fact that he is black. What happened to love your neighbor as yourself?

For me, I would like to see everyone who has a gun have to register them with authorities or face a huge fine. Long waiting periods for them… like 3-6 months, plus have people take some sort of mental health questionnaire or personal assessment too. Criminals would probably still get their hands on them somehow… I would be in favor of outlawing them entirely in my book. But in this gun crazy country that will never happen.

Part 2 to this whole situation is mental illness. It probably affects more people than we realize. There has to be a way for these people to get some sort of help. And we need to remove the stigma of someone admitting they need help or struggle with depression.

Bottom line is that all lives matter… gay, straight, black, white, male, female, transgendered, Hispanic, Asian, etc. We are all sharing this planet and need to look out after each other and get along. I urge you to write and call your government officials and tell them we need to do something about gun control now… before there is another mass shooting. And we wonder why nothing has been done yet.

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My Wish List for the World

As we start a new year, I want to voice my hopes for the world. If we stay in expectancy with them, hopefully we will see them come to fruition in our lifetimes.Global Hands

  1. An End to All Wars
    As the old song say, “War! What is it Good for — Absolutely Nothing.” We are all part of the human race, sure we come from different races, cultures and regions, but we are all one, and every life is sacred.
  2. An End to Gun Violence
    Have we had enough of crazy people shooting up innocent people? Something needs to be done. And mental health is part of the issue too.
  3. People over Profits
    I want to see a world where companies value their employees, and treat them fairly at a fair wage. I want the companies to be mindful of the environment and even their product lines. Do we really need more violent video games? Or ways to get drunk?
  4. Men and Women Equal
    I never got the idea that a woman would get paid less for doing the same job as a man. It is time for that thinking to end. Why can’t a woman be attractive and smart?
  5. Marriage Equality for All
    Who cares if you love a man or a woman? We all want to get married, whether we are gay or straight. Love is love.
  6. Affordable Healthcare
    People should be able to see a doctor when they need to, and not worry if they are going to be able to afford it or not. Again, it call comes down to taking care of one another, and caring for your fellow man.
  7. Affordable Education
    If you desire to learn, you should be able to go to school. Everyone should be able to get a quality education at a decent price. The world is quickly changing, and we need to constantly challenge ourselves to learn more.
  8. Respect for our Differences
    We are never going to all be the same, in our thinking, in our beliefs, our appearance, our cultures, our faith and more. Who said we have to be.  Let’s let everyone be themselves and not persecute them because they are different from us.
  9. A Decent Standard of Living
    I am not asking that we all be millionaires… but it would be nice if everyone could have a decent standard of living. To not worry and struggle just to make ends meet.
  10. Affordable Housing for All
    Again, I want a world where there are no people sleeping on the street. That we could find and keep affordable housing for everyone.
  11. Creativity Nurtured
    A personal one for me. We are all creative individuals, yet somehow creativity is often squashed and discouraged when we are young. Who knows where that creative thinking could lead to?

Let’s all pray that these come to pass in our lifetimes. We are all one in this human race, we need to be here for each other.

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