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Meet ‘The Fosters’

What constitutes family? Is it your biological family, is it the people you live with and love? A little show on ABC Family (“The Fosters”) is attempting to answer the question in their own way. And it is refreshing that the show is being met with very little fanfare or protests.The Fosters

The show was created by Peter Paige (Queer as Folk) and Brad Bredeweg, along with executive producer Jennifer Lopez. We get to meet Lena and Stefanie, an interracial lesbian couple raising, 3 kids: 1 biological, and 2 adopted. Plus they are fostering another 2 kids too — so that brings their brood to 5.

As Lopez sees it, “The Fosters” stands for what she’s learned “are the important things in life, which are family equals love. It’s a place where you go for unconditional love, to be accepted, to feel safe. And at the end of the day, that there’s no real ‘normal.’ That there’s no set thing of what a family is at this moment in time in our lives.”

The show premiered on June 3, 2013 and ran 10 episodes this past summer. The show is scheduled to return for the 2nd half of season 1 on January 13, 2014. The show was recently picked up for a second season too.

So, who are “The Fosters”? Read on for who’s who and what’s gone down on the show:

Stef Foster (Teri Polo): One half of the lesbian couple; she is a police officer who works with her ex-husband and biological father of her oldest son.

Lena Foster (Sherri Saum): The other half of the lesbian couple; she is a vice principal at the school that the kids attend.

Brandon Foster (David Lambert): The oldest child and the only biological child in the house. He loves music and is studying piano with a high-paid instructor.

Jesus Foster (Jake T. Austin): The male sibling of the twins that Lena and Stef adopted. They are of Hispanic descent.

Mariana Foster (Cierra Ramirez): The female sibling of the twins

Callie Jacob Foster (Maia Mitchell): The troubled foster child that is added to the family.

Jude Jacob Foster (Hayden Byerly): Callie’s biological brother

Mike Foster (Danny Nucci): Stef’s ex-husband and current partner at the police station. He also has a drinking problem.

The first half of Season 1 was filled with drama. A lot of it centered on Callie and how she fit into the family and the school. But the other siblings had their share of drama too: sexuality, drugs, violence, peer pressure and much more. The last episode aired showed the marriage of Stef and Lena at their home.  Stef’s father was not supportive and did not show up for it.

It is refreshing to see a show like this on the air. I hope that you check it out when it comes back on January 13th on ABC Family.

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Love is Love

With the recent Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8, we again have gay marriage in California. I still get teary eyed when I see all the happy couples getting married. This looks and feels so right to me. I am looking forward to marrying my long-term partner in the next year.1005282_471905292902196_356035129_n Kilted gay couple

What I still don’t get is the opposition. They are trying their damnest to stop the marriages from continuing. Exactly how are you being harmed again? I would love to hear the details. C’mon now, be specific. I want to hear how you were traumatized by seeing 2 guys kissing on TV, and now you have to go to weekly therapy sessions to get over the traumatic event. How it made you so depressed, you didn’t feel like going to work in the morning, or even getting out of bed. How you are avoiding the gym because there might be some gays looking at you.

When I see the gay and lesbian couples getting married, I see families being recognized and strengthened. I see joy, commitment, honesty, sharing, beauty, heart, compassion and above all, I see love. Lots and lots of love. You see — straight people don’t have a monopoly on love, yet the conservatives seem to think they do. Who are you to deny me my happiness, when my relationship is just as valid as yours?

If these people were true Christians, they would be praying for us, not trying to stand in our way and deny us our right to get married. I can get them being upset, but the dam has busted and gay marriage is inevitable in the entire USA. It will happen in a number of years. Public opinion, the courts and increasingly the voting public are on the side of gay marriage.

There are plenty of things that get me upset in this world, but I choose to not dwell on them — but I pray about them too. There are so many more important issues in this world: hunger, poverty, healthcare, living wage, education, abuse, murder, gangs, sexism, racism, guns, global warming — I can go on and on. Aren’t these all more important than trying to stop gays from marrying? To those hate filled conservatives still whining about gay marriage, I say “Get Your Priorities Straight!”

Love is never wrong. The love between a mother and child, the love between a husband and wife, the love between siblings, between friends — the love between 2 committed lesbians or 2 gay men. Love is love.

KiltManinSoCal is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Marriage Equality and  Rock the Kilt lines. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Why We Deserve To Be Married

It seems fitting that I publish this post this week, given what is happening with the Supreme Court. It was originally written for the Courage Campaign, in response to why we deserve marriage equality.

My partner and I am have been together for 24 years. It hasn’t always been easy, but we love each other and are committed to our relationship.  We still make each other laugh, and we enjoy each other’s company. We are each other’s best friend.Dan & Rasheed

We came together in the age of AIDS and watched as friends died off. We have seen societal changes in gay acceptance… from people being afraid of gays and wishing they could change — to today, when it is seen as just something that is and not something that needs to be fixed or cured. Not everyone is straight and that is OK.

We shop together, go to the movies, go on hikes, do all the normal stuff that all couples do. We recently had a scary episode where my partner passed out at a friend’s place… we ended up in the emergency room that night. I was able to sit by his bedside as they tried to find out what was wrong. I was glad that I could be there for him and not out waiting in the lobby.

This incident just confirmed what I already know. I love this man, he is my life partner. I don’t want to live my life without him.

Our relationship is special and I would love to marry my partner. We missed our chance to get married when it was legal in 2008… I never thought it would be taken away so easily. I long for the day when we can make it legal in the state of California. And to celebrate that special day with family and friends.


Daniel LaVenture

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Marriage Equality and  Rock the Kilt lines. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Celebrities Standing Up for Gay Rights

This edition will focus on what some prominent celebrities are saying on the issue:

George Clooney (on marriage equality)

A long time supporter of marriage equality, George Clooney believes its conservative opposition is facing an inevitable decline.Marriage Equality

“I think the world is changing and it’s becoming less and less of an issue and I think it shouldn’t be long now,” Clooney told E! Online at the Critics’ Choice Awards. “I think younger people are looking at this like, ‘Who cares?'”

“I do believe it’s generational, much like the civil rights movement,” the star, who picked up Best Actor at the CCAs, said. “Young people started taking to the streets and things changed. This really is the final leg of the civil rights movement.”

“It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens,” Clooney said in a statement announcing his casting in the play “Prop 8.” “I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people — like all human beings — are born equal in dignity and rights.”


The Fight Over Gay Marriage


So much has already been written on this subject. I have wondered what I could say that would be any different than what others have said. Here’s my take on the issue:

I have been in a relationship with a man for 23 years. He is my life partner, lover and best friend. We met when we were both going to a Young Men’s Rap Group at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Hollywood. He was 16 when I first met him and I was 20. We weren’t friends, so much as acquaintances. We didn’t start going out until about 5 years later. I had broken up with my old boyfriend and he asked a mutual friend for my number. The rest is history as they say.Dan & Rasheed

Has it been all sunshine and rainbows? Absolutely not. We are two very different people from different backgrounds, not to mention the interracial dynamic too. But we have made it work because we love each other and know how to communicate with each other.

When gay marriage became available to us in 2008 (in California due to a court case), we were both taken aback at first. It was like “Wow! Didn’t see this coming!” We talked about getting married, and even argued about it. I wanted us to have a nice celebration with out friends and family, one that would take some planning and money. He was more open to the idea of just going to the courthouse. Plus there were issues with what it really meant, did there have to be something more to it, or was loving each other enough? And then what sort of spiritual component would there be to it.


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