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I Like to Collect Stuff

OK, I admit it, I like to collect stuff. My lover calls it all junk, but for me, it is memories and souvenirs of good times. Not sure when this all started with me. I remember I always loved stuffed animals as a kid, so that was probably the first thing that I collected.

Everytime I have moved as an adult, I will have many more boxes than my partner has. He says that I should be responsible for moving all of my own stuff. But being the good guy that he is, he will help with my stuff too.

So here’s what I have collected over the years:

  1. Madonna memorabilia. I am a huge Madonna fan, and have been collecting items since the early 80’s. My collection consists of albums, CDs, posters, T-shirts, DVDs, but the main part of the collection are all the magazines I have with her on the cover. I am close to almost 400 items in my collection and will be getting more soon.
  2. Janet memorabilia. Also big on Janet Jackson, she is one of the best live performers you will ever see. Again, CDs, posters, T-shirts, and magazines from her amazing career.
  3. Stuffed animals. It all started when I got that Winnie the Pooh bear one Christmas from my family. As time when on, I would get more and more. A new Easter bunny every year, plus souvenirs from amusement parks and zoos. Then as an adult I would treat myself to these things, they made me feel good and reminded me of simpler times. I actually got rid of some last year finally… I had too many to keep track of and/or display.
  4. Birthday cards. I probably have every birthday card I have ever gotten as an adult. They are like a time capsule, and remind me of friends that I used to have, as well as those that continue to be in my life to this day.
  5. Music (CDs, tapes, albums). I have gotten rid of most of the cassettes and albums, and transferred them to digital. But I still have a box of 45s, plus tons of CDs too. A great collection of music from the 80’s up to today. Truth is, I need to get a big hard drive and finally digitize the rest…. Not that I have time to listen to them all.
  6. VHS tapes. Tried to start converting this stuff to DVD, but the converter gave out, and never got another one. So I have a combo VHS/DVD player, but it is not too often I watch a VHS tape. Lots of stuff recorded live off of TV… stuff you can’t find now, plus tons of music video collections, and personal videos too. I can’t bring myself to part with it all.
  7. Photos. I know I am not alone with this one. I took a photography class in college. That probably whet my appetite for photography. Now, I am often the photographer when I go anywhere: family and friend’s parties, vacations, hiking, cruising around town different places like the beach, the mountains, etc. So I have a bunch of photo albums, plus boxes of prints & negatives, as well as now I have taken up making scrapbooks from all the photos. These are the things you would save in a fire.
  8. Concert memorabilia. Didn’t I mention I was a big live music fan? So I have a couple of big binders, with the ticket stubs from every concert (or play) that I have been to, plus my review of the show. Then I also have T-shirts and programs from a lot of the shows too. Some of the rare items I have include: a T-shirt from Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour, plus one from the Bee Gees “One for All” tour too.
  9. Books. I have yearbooks from college, high school and grammar school. I have celeb bios, amusement park booklets, music and pet books. I have some Joel Osteen books as well as a fun one called “Listmania” where you get to write in your favorites into the book.

10. Christmas decorations. I have Peanuts ornaments I painted as a kid, plus ones I got with my partner, plus tons of lights, ornaments, decorations and more. That’s not including every Christmas card I have ever received, and all the Christmas CDs and videos too. This collection keeps growing every year.

So do you think I’m a hoarder or what? What sorts of things do you collect? I would love to hear from you.

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. The eBook, A View from the Cheap Seats, can be downloaded from LuluAmazon and the iBookstore. It can be read on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Madonna: Still Wowing Us

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Staples Center

MDNA Tour 2012

Special guest: Martin Solveig

Songs performed: Gregorian Chant Virgin Mary Intro, Girl Gone Wild, Revolver, Gang Bang, Papa Don’t Preach, Hung Up, I Don’t Give A, Best Friend/Heartbeat 
(interlude), Express Yourself/Born This Way/She’s Not Me, Give Me All Your Luvin’, Turning Up the Hits 
(interlude), Turn Up the Radio, Open Your Heart, Holiday, Masterpiece, Justify My Love (interlude), Vogue, Candy Shop/Erotica, Human Nature, Like a Virgin, Love Spent, Nobody Knows Me 
(interlude), I’m Addicted, I’m a Sinner, Like a Prayer, Celebration

Comments: Madonna brought her 9th tour, in support of her 12th studio album “MDNA”, to Staples Center last night for a 2-night engagement on a world tour.  Madonna’s shows are much more than a  typical rock concert. They engage, confront and entertain you as the night goes on. The different segments of the show are Transgression, Prophecy, Masculine/Feminine and Celebration.Madonna MDNA Tour

Thirty years into her career, Madonna shows no signs of slowing down or playing to the masses. She is a superstar and the queen of pop. She definitely gives her fans a big bang for their bucks. You will be wowed/enthralled by one of the consummate entertainers of our generation.

Starting late at 10:15 PM, the lights finally went down and the show began.  From where I was sitting, you could see Madonna walking up to the stage from the back of the arena.  Monks came out and started ringing a bell. Then a giant incense burner was raised and swung out over the crowd. Three men dressed as high priests were raised up on stage and began chanting. Madonna’s voice intro from “Girl Gone Wild” was played, leading into the song itself. She was shown in silhouette, and then she broke the glass she was behind with a  rifle , and marched out in a black suit. As the song kicked into high gear, the monks began to show more skin revealing chiseled male dancers, in tights and high heels like in the video.


J Lo and Enrique: Latin Pop Royalty

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias in Concert
Thursday, August 16, 2012
Staples Center

Special guest: Frankie J

Songs performed: Tonight (I’m Loving You), I Like How it Feels, Dirty Dancer, No Me Digas Que No, Bailamos, Stand By Me, Ring My Bells, Hero, Be with You, Escape, I Like It, Tonight (I’m Fucking You)  (Enrique Iglesias); Get Right, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, I’m into You, Waiting for Tonight, Goin’ In, I’m Real/All I Have/Ain’t It Funny, Jenny from the Block, Baby I Love You (video), Hold It Don’t Drop It, If You Had My Love, Until it Beats No More, Let’s Get Loud, Papi, On the Floor, Dance Again, Follow the Leader (w/ Wisin & Yandel) (Jennifer Lopez)

Comments: Latin pop royalty Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez played to a packed house at Staples Center. Both are coming off good years as far as their careers are concerned. This is definitely one of the hottest shows you will see this year.J Lo and Enrique Tour 2012

Opening act Frankie J was decent. He replaced previously announced act, Wisin & Yandel, who backed out of the tour due to concerns about set length. He did a cover of Extreme’s “More Than Words.” And sang a new song in Spanish.

Enrique Iglesias was up next. I had seen Enrique before back on the “Escape” tour as well as meeting him at an autograph signing. He has improved his stage presence since I last saw him. He was running around the stage and working the crowd. He picked a guy out of the crowd and sang with and to him on Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” He said it was the first song he loved to sing when he was a kid. Turns out the guy was gay and liked another guy in the audience. They also took a shot of rum before the song (the brand that Enrique shills for “Atlantico”). “I Like How it Feels” another recent collaboration with Pibull was played as well as the album track “Ring My Bells” from his flop “Insomniac” album. He must like Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” because they played an extended intro to “Be With You” that featured that song. For “Hero”, he was on a small stage on the opposite side of the main stage. He pulled a girl out of the crowd to sing to her. Turns out she was married, but she had  a ”Hall Pass” for the night, and kept hugging him. Enrique wanted the crowd to surround the stage more, but Staples security was not letting that happen, despite a few pleas from Enrique. They had the disco ball overhand for lighting. Behind the main stage were 3 large horizontal video screens, which displayed graphic elements to highlight the songs. There were a lot of lasers and smoke effects during his show. He shot off confetti cannons during the “Escape” number. I wish he had done “Rhythm Divine,“ but he didn’t that night. Usher was shown on video for the duet of “Dirty Dancer.” “I Like It” was the highlight of his set.  And they launched a bunch of big balloons for the crowd to bounce around during “I Like It.” I am glad that he sang the dirty version of ‘Tonight (I’m Loving You).” That is the version I am more familiar with. I had to laugh when I saw a little girl with a homemade sign coming into the venue that had “Enrique” in a big heart, with the words on the outside of the sign saying “Tonight, I’m Loving You.” Did the parents not know about the dirty version? He is a solid entertainer for sure…. But he’s got nothing on Jennifer. Remember how Enrique was going to tour with Britney Spears in 2011, but said he didn’t want to be anyone’s opening act? He was this time for Jennifer.


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