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I am a country music fan. I started out liking the women first: the Judds, Dolly Parton. But as I heard more and more from the guys, I got into them too. The things I like about country music, are the stories they tell, the way the melodies get stuck in your head, and how relatable the songs are to so many people. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the hottest stars in country are pretty darn good–looking. Here is a list of my favorite country hunks and their essential albums/singles:

Keith Urban
I first heard him described as country music for people that don’t like country. His music is very rock oriented. And the songs are so catchy, you will be singing along to them after the first listen. Essential albums: “Be Here” and “Golden Road.” Songs: “Once in a Lifetime” and “Making Memories of Us.”

Dierks Bentley
The frat boy from Arizona has hit the big time. He’s got beautiful curly hair, but he looks good with it cut too. When he sings “Come a Little Closer,” you can feel the sexual tension. Essential albums: “Modern Day Drifter” and “Long Trip Alone.” Songs: “So So Long” and “Sideways.”

Kenny Chesney
OK, so he was married to Rene Zellweger for like 15 minutes. And he is hiding a bald head under his cowboy hat. He still has a hot body and puts on a great live show. Essential albums: “When the Sun Goes Down” and “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.” Songs: “Live Those Songs Again” and “The Good Stuff.”

Tim McGraw
Mr. Faith Hill is a superstar in his own right. More often seen with his hat on, he is a real man who treats his lady well. I can see why some girl grabbed his crotch in concert. Essential albums: “Set This Circus Down” and “Let It Go.” Songs: “Live Like You Were Dying” and “Over and Over.”

Josh Turner
Before Scotty McCreery made us fall in love with him singing “Your Man,” the song belonged to this hunk with the beautiful bass voice. Plus he also includes one spiritually themed song per CD. Essential albums: “Your Man” and “Everything is Fine.” Songs: “Would You Go with Me” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

Big & Rich
Country never met a duo like Big & Rich. They love to mix up genres, and add rock, funk and hip hop to their sound. Essential albums: “Horse of a Different Color” and “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace.” Songs: “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and “Lost in This Moment.”

Darius Rucker
The former lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish has made a name for himself in the country world. He brings soul and rock n’ roll to his songs. He has a great duet with Jill Scott on her “Collaborations” CD. Essential albums: “Learn to Live” and “Charleston, SC 1966.” Songs: “Alright” and “This.”

Billy Currington
One of the hottest bodies in country music (See the video for “Why, Why Why”), and another hunk with beautiful curly brown hair. Essential albums: “Doin’ Something Right” and “Little Bit of Everything.” Songs: “Good Directions” and “Don’t.”

Blake Shelton
Now mentoring new singers on “The Voice,” this hunk is married to tough country chick Miranda Lambert. I became a fan when I saw him open for Rascal Flatts: Essential albums: “Barn and Grill” and “Pure BS.” Songs: “Cotton Pickin Time” and “Honey Bee.”

Charles Kelley (Lady Antebellum)
The key to this group’s popularity is in the vocal interplay between Charles and Hilary Scott. They are not a couple, but they sure sound like one. Charles is tall, handsome and bearded. Essential albums: “Lady Antebellum” and “Need You Now.” Songs: “Lookin’ for a Good Time” and “Just a Kiss.”

So who are your favorite country hunks? I hope you check out their music… they don’t just look good, they sound good too.

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Dierks Bentley: Good Songs, Underwhelming Show

Dierks Bentley in Concert
Friday, April 13, 2012
Nokia Theatre LA Live

Special guests: Will Hoge, Eli Young Band

Country and Cold Cans Tour 2012

Songs performed: Tip It on Back, Feel That Fire, Am I the Only One, Lots of Leavin’ Left to Do, Trying to Stop Your Leaving, 5-1-5-0, Settle for a Slowdown, Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go), Up On The Ridge, Come A Little Closer, How Am I Doin’, Home, (Graham Parker cover), (Foo Fighters cover), Garrett Hedlund song, Country and Cold Cans, Sideways, What Was I Thinkin’

Comments: Country hunk Dierks Bentley proved to be more of a bar singer than the headliner he should be in his latest tour. And that’s too bad, because he is a good singer and performer.

This was my third time seeing Mr. Bentley. He really won me over with his second album “Modern Day Drifter.” I first saw him as a opening act for Kenny Chesney, then in his own tour in support of his 3rd album. His current tour is in support of his 6th album “Home.”

So what was the issue? I enjoyed myself, but I really think he had a hard time making a connection with the crowd. Why is it that other country acts I have seen that came out around the same time (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton), have gone on to greater success and acclaim, while he is still in the middle of the pack so to speak. It’s not like he is not still getting airplay on country radio, because he is.

He’s a good looking guy, but he tends to downplay his looks with a scruffy beard. Play up your sex appeal, tighter clothes, cleaner appearance. And why not, have more of a spectacle? Video screens, different backdrops and dramatic lighting. You are playing a venue that seats 7,000, yet I got the feeling that you could have done the same show in a much smaller venue like the House of Blues. He couldn’t even sell out the venue… and he has kept prices down too.


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