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Dancing for Fun

I enjoy dancing. Am I any good at it? not really. But I have fun with it. It is a great way to let off steam and shake off your worries.

When I was growing up, I remember seeing guys dancing on awards shows and thinking that would be fun to do.  Then came the 80’s and music videos. So many of them had great dance routines: Michael, Janet, Madonna. My friend, Damon used to love to dance. He was the one with a drink in his right hand and snapping his fingers on his left hand. I remember many nights going to Rage or Studio One in West Hollywood and staying to closing. We would dance song after song.

I even met my first boyfriend at a dance club. He was there dancing, and we exchanged numbers. I called him first, and then we started going out. We went out for over a year.

After Rasheed and I moved in together, we actually tried a dance class for a few weeks. It was at Millenium Dance Studio in North Hollywood. We took the introductory hip-hop class. It was a challenge! But it was fun… and definitely quite a workout! I remember sweating more in that class, than I ever do when I go to the gym on the regular. They even had a semi-celebrity there teaching the advanced class — Oliver, the token straight guy from Madonna’s “Truth or Dare.”



Let Chaz Dance

The new fall TV season has not even started yet, but we already have our first big controversy. And it concerns Dancing with the Stars. There are a lot of people upset about the casting of Chaz Bono as a contestant on the program. Chaz is the offspring of Cher and Sonny Bono. He was born a woman (Chastity), but she became a man a few years ago and goes by Chaz. So we have our first transgendered contestant on “DWTS.”Chaz Bon and Lacey Schwimmer

Other contestants this coming season include:

  • Nancy Grace — Legal commentator/host
  • Ricki Lake — Actress/author/former talk-show host
  • Rob Kardashian — Younger brother of the Kardashian girls
  • David Arquette — Actor and ex-husband of Courteney Cox
  • Ron Artest — Los Angeles Lakers forward
  • Kristin Cavallari — Reality star from The Hills and Laguna Beach
  • J.R. Martinez — All My Children actor
  • Hope Solo — Woman’s soccer player
  • Elisabetta Canalis — George Clooney’s ex — actress/model
  • Chynna Phillips — Wilson Phillips singer married to Billy Baldwin
  • Carson Kressley — Queer talk show host


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