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Real Men Wear Kilts

Here’s the one my friends have been waiting to hear from me. I love wearing kilts. It all started about 7 years ago. I had seen Utilikilts at various festivalsDan in Digital Camo Kilt and always liked them. One day I finally I got up the money and the nerve to order one. And I have been a fan ever since. I started off with one and now I have four. I would love to actually have a nice traditional kilt to wear for formal events.

I actually have Scottish blood on my Mom’s side of the family. She has this great photo of my great, great uncle in full battle kilt. So I am carrying on a family tradition I guess you could say.

I am someone who is comfortable in my own skin. But it took some years to get to that point. I always used to think of myself as someone who didn’t fit in, when I so desperately wanted to. As I got older I realized the more I let myself be me, the happier I was.



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