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Gay Visibility

This article was first published in BWMTSC’s (Black and White Men Together Southern California) The Down Low Newsletter in Spring 2010.

We saw Eric McCormack a few weeks back on a hike in Runyon Canyon. Remember him as Will, from ‘Will and Grace”?Eric McCormack As popular as that show was, I can’t say I ever knew someone like him or Jack. That’s not the case these days… Finally, we are getting realistic portrayals of gays and lesbians on scripted shows. Plus we are all over reality TV these days too. ABC seems to be the leader as far as I am concerned. Gay characters are featured on “Desperate Housewives”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “Ugly Betty”. MTV brings us “The Real World D.C.” with Mike, a bisexual Christian who shares with us his journey of accepting his sexuality (he realizes he’s more gay). On NBC, we have Oscar on “The Office”. On CBS, “The Amazing Race” has always cast gays and lesbians over the years, this season features a lesbian couple plus a gay brother competing with his straight brother. Over on cable, there is a little show called “Greek” on ABC Family that recently had a story line involved a gay interracial relationship among 2 college frat boys. And how about Ellen on “American Idol”? I loved how she joked about “girls like me” when talking about sexy contestant Casey (who is male). My how times have changed since the non-kiss with the gay character Matt on the original Melrose Place back in the 90’s. It is refreshing to see gay and lesbians portrayed as real people and not stereotypes, people who are fine with who they are and don’t have a disease. I can sure relate…

Update: Well, Ellen is off “Idol”, “Ugly Betty” is cancelled and “Greek” is over. This past season brought us Teddy (gay tennis jock) on “90210”, Kurt and Blaine (gay high schoolers) on “Glee” as well as a few gay contestants on “The Voice.” Don’t forget “Project Runway” too, which has plenty of gay contestants. I urge you to seek out these shows on DVD and the web and to let the powers that be know that we appreciate seeing realistic gay people/portrayals on television.


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