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Artists I Wish Would Tour More

I have gone to a lot of concerts over the years. Some years, I have gone to 20+ shows, others maybe 3. Some artists seem to tour almost every year — others once every five to seven years or so. Other favorites seem to have a lot going on, or they are at a different phase of their career where they don’t want to tour. So here goes, my list of artists I wish would tour more often:Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
She has a lot on her plate: singer, actress, dancer, American Idol judge (now ex-judge), model, spokeswoman and mom. Plus she has time for a personal life too. Since she has been out, she has only toured twice, once with then husband Marc Anthony and once this year with Enrique Iglesias. I am sure it will be a great show.

Annie Lennox/Eurythmics
So Eurythmics did tour a decent amount in the 80’s. But now, not so much. To me, she has a one of the best live voices you will ever hear. So soulful, and powerful. Between her solo career and the work with the group, she has plenty of material. She has inspired artists such as Pink and Kelly Clarkson among others. It’s about time she reminded everyone why she is so excellent.

With how huge her 2nd album has been, you think she would want to capitalize on that success and plan a big giant concert tour. Hasn’t happened. First off she was sidetracked with vocal chord problems, and now she just doesn’t seem too interested to do so. I hear she is writing songs for her 3rd album already. But, she is pregnant… so it will be years before we see her on the road again.



Winter Entertainment Roundup

If you haven’t noticed, I follow entertainment pretty religiously: movies, TV and music. If you want to know what’s hot, or what’s not, people usually ask me. If I haven’t seen/heard something, I usually have read a review of it. Below are reviews of recent movie, DVD, and CD releases. Let me know your thoughts on them too.

Michael Jackson “Immortal”
The soundtrack to the MJ’s Cirque Du Soleil show of the same name features slightly remixed and edited versions of all his big hits, as well as songs from the Jackson 5 too. Some of the songs are in medleys, and include dialogue from Michael from the videos. A good souvenir for the show, comes in 2 versions, with the deluxe one having more songs. Grade: B

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
There’s life left in this franchise after all. Was anyone really asking for another one? But Tom Cruise is smart, and has recruited a new director and new costars for this latest installment. The action sequences are excellent, you will be asking yourself, how did they do that? A very enjoyable popcorn movie. Grade: A-


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