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About the Writer

When I first thought about starting a blog, I wasn’t sure what the content would be. But after some consideration, I have decided on a mix of pop culture and observations about society in the 21st century from yours truly. Who am I you ask? My name is Dan and I am a 50ish gay male who lives in the Los Angeles area. I married my partner of 29 years in August 2016.  I am a graphic artist by trade, huge music fan, and I love to wear kilts… I am sure all these things will be addressed as the weeks go on. I plan on posting weekly… so check back often. Let me know if there is a topic I should address.



Upcoming topics to include:

Are You a Kilt Guy?

A Different Place in Life

What if Your Sexuality Didn’t Matter

Winter Entertainment Reviews Part 2

Guys I Want to See in a Kilt Part 4


Comments on: "About the Writer" (2)

  1. Hey Dan thanks for the comment, I think it is cool that you have been with your partner for over 22 years. Well I hope to hear from you soon, ~Zack~

  2. Hey Dan if you have yahoo and would like to add me mine is I would love to chat with you.

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