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Dierks Bentley in Concert
October 13, 2018
Hollywood Bowl

Special guests: Hot Country Knights, Lanco, Brothers Osborne

Mountain High Tour

Merchandise purchased: T-shirt

Songs performed: The Mountain, I Hold On, Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go), Somewhere on a Beach, Woman Amen, Black, Burning Man, Up on the Ridge, 5-1-5-0, Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident), Riser, Different for Girls, Am I the Only One, Come a Little Closer, Say You Do, Thousand Miles From Nowhere (with Dwight Yoakam), Fast as You (with Dwight Yoakam), Living, What Was I Thinkin’, Sideways, Drunk on a Plane

Comments: Dierks Bentley closed his Mountain High tour out at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a triumphant end to his latest trek behind his 9th studio album “The Mountain.” The album was written and recorded in Colorado, and that locale helped to inspire him with the songwriting on it.

This was the 4th time that I had seen Dierks. Last time I saw him I was a bit underwhelmed with him. He wasn’t up to snuff for me. I felt he was going through the motions. But his albums have been consistently good as far as I am concerned. So once I heard the new album, I knew I had to be there.

He’s upped his game with his production. The stage had a raised part on the back and sides, plus a huge video screen behind also. Plus the lighting was good, and helped with the overall enjoyment of the show. There was only 1 guest star that night: Dwight Yoakam. This is someone who inspired him, and one of his first concerts her went to. He sang 2 songs with him. Plus the guys from Lanco and Brothers Osborne also sang with Dierks too.

I was happy that he sang “Up on the Ridge” — the title cut from his bluegrass album of the same name. That is one of his best albums. And he sang a few of his inspirational songs too like “Riser” and “I Hold On”. “Riser” was dedicated to one of his fans who was battling cancer.

Deirks even made his way to small stage about a third of the way up. This is the same stage that I have seen other stars use over the years (Shania Twain and Michael Bolton to name a few). He drank a beer with one guy from the audience, plus played a couple of songs there.

He has a couple of songs that are about drinking and getting laid (Somewhere on a Beach, Drunk on a Plane), but he has added a few songs showing some sensitivity to women (Woman Amen and Different for Girls). I was hoping that Elle King would have joined him on the 2nd one, but it wasn’t to be.

For the finale, Dierks appeared on top of the lights in a flight captain outfit. Then the lights moved up and down to simulate that he was riding an airplane that was flying. It was a cool effect.

The first opening act for the night was Hot Country Knights. This was supposedly the best 90’s country cover band around. They came out with their mullets and hair spray. It was king of jokey and phony…. The music was just OK, and the jokes were sort of lame. It turns out that Dierks was in the group, as he pulled off his disguise as they were exiting the stage.

Next up was Lanco — who released their debut album earlier this year. They were a decent country rock group. And last on the opening ticket were the Brothers Osborne — 2 brothers whose music is reminiscent of country rock rebels like Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. They even had a song that celebrated marijuana.

Thanks to Dierks and his band for bringing the songs and the spectacle. Keep up the great work.

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