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As a huge live music fan, this is a fun topic for me to talk about. All the performances mentioned happened in my lifetime. I am sure it would have been great to see Elvis or the Beatles during their heydays too, but I am not so familiar with their tours or performances. So that is why they are not included here. So in no particular order, here are performances I wish I had seen in person:

Blondie’s “The Hunter” tour
One of my all-time favorite groups, this was the last tour before they broke up in the 80’s… I think they even broke up during this tour. They were coming off a string of commercially successful albums (Parallel Lines, Eat to the Beat, AutoAmerican, “Call Me”); and this was the most successful version of the band as far as the lineup of the members. This tour played the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Bee Gee’s “Spirits Having Flown” tour
They had just come off the successful “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, and this was their first album since that breakthrough. This album had hits too: Tragedy, Love You Inside Out and Too Much Heaven. This tour stopped at Dodger Stadium.

Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” tour
Donna was also celebrating back to back hit albums at this point. She had shown the world how great a live performer she was on the “Live and More” album. The tour for this fantastic double album I am sure was amazing. This tour stopped at the Hollywood Bowl.

Madonna’s “The Virgin Tour”
The first tour from the material girl. Tickets sold out so fast… I wasn’t able to get any. These would be the smallest venues she would ever play on a regular tour. And she has been at it for over 30 years now. It was just her, 2 backup dancers and the band, but you could tell from her performance this was someone to be taken seriously… with how she commanded the stage. This tour stopped at the Universal Amphitheatre and the Pacific Amphitheatre too.

Madonna’s “The Girlie Show”
Madonna was on the outs in the US during this tour. There had been a backlash after the Sex book and the “Erotica” album. There were a couple of US dates on this tour, but most of it was outside of the US. It would have been excellent to be there. No Los Angeles area performances.

Live Aid
The bi-coastal concerts to benefit hunger relief in Africa. Simultaneous concerts in both Philadelphia and London, this was the TV event of 1985. Anyone who is anyone was on this show: Queen, Madonna, Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and so much more. It would have been great to say you saw part of it in person.

Luther Vandross
One of the greatest soul singers of the last century — he was one of those people who could sing practically anything. I never followed his career that closely… so I can’t single out a single tour from him. But when he died, I regretted never having the chance to see him perform live. Performed Hollywood Bowl, Universal and more in Los Angeles area.

Diana Ross “Concert in Central Park”
I remember seeing this performance on TV… the day with the rain and the makeup show too. Diana was a true trouper and definitely made sure the show went on. I have seen Diana a few times at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, but that show would have been fun to be at.

So that’s my list. What performers and tours did you miss? I would love to hear from you.

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Comments on: "Concerts from the Past I Wish I Could Have Attended" (3)

  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Great article…..I know some Blondie’s songs. I think Heart of Glass is a song that I enjoy a lot. The video is funny, I enjoy it. The man that puts a wire in his mouth, I think he is cute…but this is another story to tell. Bee Gees….they are great too. Every girl that celebrates a 15 year old party….songs from them must be there….and of course…why not in a disco? Donna Summer…I know only a few songs, and of course I Feel Love…that our Madonna performed beautifully in her Confessions Tour, a part of it…Virgin Tour….you know how I love it….maybe the simplicity of the show is what makes it so special, as you wrote…Madonna, the backup dancers and the band….and you know….how many times I told you I love this tour….Over and over……LOL….The Girlie Show was the first time I could watch Madonna live. As I was a minor, my mother had to go with me and my twin sister went too. Great show, at that time, it was said Madonna had her biggest audience ever…120.000 ……Live Aid….Madonna looked beautiful there…..Love the version of Into The Groove, of course Holiday and Love Makes…..but my favourite is Into The Groove. Luther Vandross….sorry, but I’ve never heard about this man….hum….Just read (wikipedia) that he performed Endless Love with Mariah…taking a look at his photo, I could see, that I already watched his performance with her – youtube….sounds beautiful….and Diana Ross….I know some of her songs too. Nice choice, nice characters to talk about…..

  2. said:

    Dan, I was never much into live performances until I started going with you. I have few regrets for concerts I’ve missed, except for Michael Jackson. You encouraged an interest in attending live concerts for me. You make me think of the concerts I’ve seen and enjoyed, like Ella Fitzgerald and Gordon Lightfoot. I had gone to a Bruce Springsteen concert with my ex-wife and that sparked an appreciation for live performances. However, my practical side dominated and tv appearances usually sufficed for me for most pop performers. I had seen Jimi Hendryx and Three Dog Night at a Festival, while in college and saw some blues acts at the Ash Grove, including Phil Ochs, who I saw each time he played at the Ash Grove. There are few live concerts that I wish I had seen. I wanted to see Michael Jackson and planned to attend his last concert but then he died unexpectedly. I would have liked to have seen Madonna live, at least once, but her prices precluded my attending. I never liked her enough to ignore the admission prices as I did for Springsteen and Prince. Thanks to you I’ve seen Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and Patti LaBelle multiple times and I’m glad I did. Justin Timberlake was/is a great performer and I am glad I got to see him live, thanks, again, to you. The same is true of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I loved their live shows and saw them thanks to you. Seeing videos and having recordings was usually enough for me. Only Hendryx, Prince and Springsteen are performers I would have liked to have seen repeatedly. I would have liked to have seen them more and I saw all of them sev times, fortunately. These are the performers I can think of off the top of my head. (There are others.) They are stars to me. (This was a tribute to Dan LaVenture. Thanks, Dan!)



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