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My Mom

My mother, Marjorie LaVenture, died last week. How do you put words onto paper for someone you loved? Everyone here had a different relationship with her… this is my story.100_3551

I am a Momma’s boy — pure and simple. What used to be used as a way to put someone down has empowered me. This woman forever changed my life. And I will always love her and remember her for it.

I am the baby of the family, the last of the four children born to Marge and Don. She took care of me, loved me, supported me and encouraged me throughout my life.

She was the one who took me to amusement parks, movies and concerts. She had a passion for life, and was happy to share her interests with her loved ones.

She always emphasized the importance of relationships… be it with your family, or your spouse. Not to mention having a great relationship with God.

My Mom was easy to talk to. She was more than a Mom, she was my friend. She was one of the kindest and most positive person’s you would ever meet.

I am thankful she brought me into this world. For loving me, even when I didn’t love myself. For being patient and giving. For listening to me and advising me. For setting a good example of what a loving relationship should be in her relationship with my Dad.

I am grateful for her allowing me to grow and learn to become the man I am today. For instilling in me her love of music and movies, and for the time we got to spend together: Be it cooking, decorating for the holidays or just hanging out. I thank her for every birthday card, postcard and note she sent just because. For loving stuffed animals and giving some to me that I still cherish to this day.

This year has been one of great highs and devastating lows. My Dad’s birthday and my wedding were some of the highlights. I know that my Mom would have come to my wedding if she was able to.

Mom, I will miss hearing you voice. I will miss seeing you smile. I will miss you on every birthday, holiday and every day of my life. I will miss the Christmas sing-alongs and joy you brought to my life and so many.

I am a Momma’s boy and I am proud of it. I know she is in heaven having a feast (of everything she couldn’t eat for the last few years) with some friends and family.

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  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Dear Daniel…How beautiful is this article today. I know the idea of a mother passing away must be very difficult to deal with. I think a lot about how I will be when it happens to my mother that nowadays is 74. I remember my grandmother that passed away with 99. Nice and beautiful photo of her in this article too. This beautiful smile will be in your memories forever. I am proud of you, because your mother accepted you as a gay person…I know she loved you from the deep of her heart. And I thank God every single day, because my mother does it too. When my grandmother passed away, I gave her, in the hospital, a hug….in the bed, the doctor said that she was not there anymore….I didnt cry, because deep in my heart, I was happy for cherishing so many happy moments with her. Actually, in my case, I felt good, proud of being a Francisca’s grandson….actually she had an affectionate nickname…people used to call her Chiquita…I felt proud of living almost 40 years near her. So, I hope it happens with you…from the deep of my heart…I know that it must be a sad and difficult moment too..but be sure in your heart that you had a mother that loved you, that shared moments. From the deep of my heart, hope you feel ok, although everyone says it is a very sad and difficult moment….Take care, honey…it was a very touching article…

  2. […] My Dad celebrated his 90th birthday and had a big party in his honor. We also paid tribute to my Mom who passed away after a long illness last fall. I think both of my parents for all their love and […]

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