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So now that same-sex marriage has swept the country, we are seeing conservatives do anything and everything to reclaim what they see as an attack on their Christian values.shutterstock_135491960

I only have my perspective to write from — that of a gay man, raised Catholic and now more spiritual than religious.

New laws/bills keep being brought up in different states. They range from so-called religious freedom bills to the most outrageous one California’s own Soddomite Suppression Act (which calls for the execution of all LGBT people by everyday citizens).

What bugs me about all of these laws is that they are all about hate. You can’t stand that I can love and marry the person I want. And that is a person of the same sex. Big effing deal! Get over it!

I keep hearing about how oppressed Christians are now… and how threatened they are by what is going on in America. Excuse me, if I ignore you playing your tiny violin.

I was brought up to respect all people regardless of race, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability and more. We are all children of God. I was taught to not judge, lest you be judged. Remember, let the man without sin cast the first stone? Ring any bells.

Every time I see or hear of something in the world that makes me upset or offends me, I pray about it. I don’t start calling my Congressman or making angry banners. This is what a true Christian would do in my opinion.

People think that gays couldn’t possibly believe in God, or call themselves people of faith. I am a person of faith. I know for a fact that God created me as I am. I prayed and prayed for many years for God to change me. I so wanted to be straight. But I wasn’t meant to be straight. I am a proud gay man who loves God. I know that God helped me through my tough times in my teen years, those times I wanted to kill myself.

Do these people that are making and pushing these laws even know a gay person? I seriously doubt it.

And people wonder why less and less people are going to church these days? Could it be that the churches are still preaching hate? When in reality people don’t care who you sleep with as long as you treat others with respect and dignity?

I know in a few years time, these states are going to feel ashamed/disgusted they ever put this laws into effect. How many more people do you have to hurt by your hateful actions?

In the meantime, I will be praying for you. I doubt you are doing the same.

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Comments on: "Religious Freedom? Or Just Scared of Something that’s Different?" (2)

  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    This article reminds me when I was still inside de closet….I never had girlfriends or faked dates. I never had physical attraction to women…and I had to fight to be what I was. I suffered at school….guys used to call me faggot and beat me. I remember once…I was so fed up that I beat a guy called Pedro. Made his mouth bleeding….and for a while he was remembered as “the guy that was beaten by the faggot”. In Brazil the GLBT movement is getting better. Of course we have some very important issues to debate yet. But I think it is better being gay nowadays, then when I was 16, for example. By the way, I am always turning my 40’s. Many people here are having their civil marriage. And I think, years ago, that would be impossible. So, I know Brazil is not the most perfect place of the world, but step by step, we are making some progress.

  2. […] of the Supreme Court finally deciding things once and for all (at least we hope). But now these religious freedom laws are popping up all over. Get over […]

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