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This is the third blog in a series that focuses on musical acts from the past that I enjoy. The first was on female singers. The second was on groups. This one will focus on male singers. So who do I want to put the spotlight back on?

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Adam Ant
This singer from London, first made a splash in the group Adam and the Ants. With outrageous music videos and a great fashion sense, he definitely had his own style.
Essential songs: Goody Two Shoes, Strip


Billy Idol
With his spiky bleach blonde hair, and his snear, he was made for the music video era. He took punk to the mainstream, and had a few hits along the way.
Essential songs: Dancing with Myself, Rebel Yell


Michael Bolton
Singer-songwriter Michael Bolton definitely made plenty of hearts flutter back in the day… with his beautiful long locks and sexy, romantic vocals.
Essential songs: How Am I Supposed to Live Without You, When a Man Loves a Woman


Rick Springfield
He was my main teenage crush. He first came to my attention on the “Mission Magic” cartoon. But it was “Jessie’s Girl” that really put his musical career on the map. He is still a popular touring act.
Essential songs: Jessie’s Girl, Human Touch


Bryan Adams
This Canadian rocker with the raspy voice, had a string of hit songs in the 80’s and 90’s. He also did a number of movie songs too. He was equally adept at tender ballads and arena rockers.
Essential songs: Summer of 69, Heaven


George Michael
Before all the scandals and the self-imposed exile, he was a hitmaker with an impressive range of Top Ten hits. He was a great pop singer and songwriter.
Essential songs: Faith, Father Figure, Freedom ‘90


Terence Trent Darby
This man was proceeded by a fair amount of hype, his debut lived up to it. Too bad the rest of his career didn’t.
Essential songs: Wishing Well, Sign Your Name


Phil Collins
Already a star in the band Genesis, he also had a string of hit songs in the 80’s on his own.
Essential songs: In the Air Tonight, Sussidio


Another lead vocalist gone solo, he came from the group The Police and never looked back. He explored jazz, world music, soul and more in his solo career.
Essential songs: If You Love Someone (Set Them Free), Fields of Gold


Closer to a one-hit wonder than not, this singer had us caring about Mozart all over again. Sadly he died in car crash in 1998.
Essential songs: Vienna Calling, Rock Me Amadeus


Look for Part 2 of this conversation next week. Let me know what you think.

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Comments on: "Remember This: Male Singers" (3)

  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Hi Daniel…Very good list. I remember some of the singers and some of their greatest hits. Phil Collins also recorded Against all odds that Mariah Carey, beautifully performed too. And I think a song called True Hearts was also in the spotlight here.
    I didnt know that Michael Bolton was the one that performed When I man loves a woman…or at least, I think I didnt know it. Maybe I have forgotten. George Michael had greatest hits too. I remember his songs “Father Figure” and “I want your sex”. They were played here over and over. And Sting…Every Breath You Take and Roxanne are famous here. But Adam Ant, Rick Springfield,Terence Trent Darby and Falco….I think I never heard about them….

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