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Religious Freedom Laws

Just last week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Bill 2153, otherwise known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Unfortunately these bills (currently under consideration in 14 other states) are a sad sign of the times under Republican control. Threatened by the momentum that same-sex marriage and gay rights have made in this country, these cowards are hiding behind their Bibles claiming they have a right to “religious objections”.No Gays Allowed

This comes on the heels on various lawsuits filed by gay couples around the country against vendors who did not want to provide flowers, cakes or photography for their same-sex weddings. I don’t get the idea of filing one of these lawsuits to begin with. But that is me. If I found out someone didn’t want to do business with me because I was gay — I would find another gay-friendly vendor, and not try to make a point to some homophobic business. I could see rallying against the companies on a personal blog, Facebook post or Yelp even. But I wouldn’t file a lawsuit.

Now these poor prosecuted “Christians” are claiming that they are the victims in all of this. They can’t run their businesses how they want to, because some gay people may hypothetically want to use their services for their hellful abomination of a same-sex wedding.

I was brought up to believe that people are created equal and that you treated people the same way you wanted to be treated: with respect and dignity. Not that one person was better than another because they believed a certain way, or went to a certain church, or voted for a certain politician.

In just the past few years, a Mennonite bistro in Iowa, a Kentucky art gallery, and a New Mexico photography shop have had to defend themselves in court against discrimination complaints from gay couples. Christian activists have argued that what’s at stake is “the fundamental freedom of every citizen to live and work according to their beliefs,” as Jordan Lorence, a senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, told The New American magazine in December.

Smartly, Jan Brewer did veto the bill. But not sure if she thought it was just wrong or it made more sense financially for her to veto it. Turns out corporate America was putting pressure on her (including American Airlines and the NFL) — threatening to take away business from the state.

So what happens to the pending legislation in the other states? Will they all go down in flames, or will one actually make it to law, only to be challenged immediately? What I don’t get is how they are supposed to verify if the person is even religious at all. They might just hate gays and have never been to church. Are they going to give them a Bible quiz or verify if they are going to church every Sunday?

Bottom line, these laws are just hate — posing as so-called “religious freedom”. Those upset about gays… need to get over it. They need to pray… and see that we are children of God too.

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Comments on: "Religious Freedom Laws" (2)

  1. said:

    Thats a good point about verifying that those claiming their Christian values are being violated are really Christian. Its true, they may simply be homophobes masquerading as Christians for their own convenience and benefit.

    • I bet one state will put one of these bills through… and then we’ll really see what goes down. It would be an instant lawsuit.

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