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Blast from the Past

What moments of your life would you like to relive again? I have had this topic for a while. But I finally feel like I can take it on. Maybe relive is not the right word here…. Imagine a personal DVR where you could replay moments from your past — to see yourself as well as the people, places and things that made those moments special (or at least something you wanted to revisit).Blast from the Past

So in no particular order, here are the top moments of my life I would like to revisit…

Old Friends
I wish I could be back seeing Damon and friends at a Friday night rap group. This was when I was first coming out, and I was attending the Friday night rap groups at the LA Gay Center. The meeting would be from 8 to 10, and then we would go out to eat or a nightclub afterwards. Damon was my best friend, who has since died of AIDS. We had a lot of fun times, and serious talks.

Another person I would love to revisit is Kevin. He was part of the rap group too, but I knew Kevin better than most since we dated. He was different when he was in a group and when he was just with me. I remember one day we spent at his apartment, hanging out playing games and eating. It was a great day. Kevin died of AIDS also.

Trying times
Believe it or not, I would love to see or replay some of the difficult times in my life too. If you look at some of entries in my journal, I was going through some terrible stuff emotionally. When I read it now though, I sort of feel disconnected with it. It seems so far away… and hard to imagine I felt so badly.

I remember being in some sort of group therapy of sorts in grammar school. It was run by the husband of one of the teachers and he was a psychologist. I was a very shy person and didn’t have many friends. And I was sensitive too. This was a year or 2 after they thought I had an ulcer. I remember I got upset and threw a pen down and it broke. I don’t’ remember going back after that. I have no idea what was said now.

I would love to see again some of the bullying I endured in high school. Yes, it was hell to go through these times… the name calling and slaps on the back of my head. I was suicidal and prayed that I would change. Was it as bad as I remember, or would I look at it differently now that I know how I turned out?

And finally, I would love to relive some of the moments I shared with my partner. We are still going strong after 24 years…

I would love to see that connection we had on our first date. We went out to the movies, shared a dessert and made out behind one of the buildings in the complex.

We had a wonderful trip to Hawaii over 10 years ago… we had so much fun, seeing the sites, and taking it all in. We took a lot of photos… but it is not the same as being there.

So what moments of your life would you revisit if you could? I would love to hear from you.


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  1. said:

    I didn’t know you guys went to Hawaii. I would love to see the pictures sometime.


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