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Fall TV Recap 2013

It’s that time again — when the networks bring out their new shows and your old favorites return. The fall season has already had a few casualties: We Are Men and Lucky 7  and Ironside. So what will I be watching, and what should I avoid? Read on…

Brooklyn Nine Nine
A workplace cop comedy… the first since Barney Miller. Andy Samberg and Andre Bauer lead the cast as a hotshot detective and the commanding officer, respectively. I saw the first episode, but was not impressed. More lame than anything to me — the only way to go is up. Grade: C+

Sleepy Hollow
Another new show on Fox. So the headless horseman and Ichibod Crane exist in modern times. Is the headless horseman part of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Will Ichibod adjust to living in modern times? It was just OK to me too. The leads are good, we’ll see if they can keep my interest. Grade: C+

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Marvel’s first foray into series television. Clark Gregg leads the cast as the leader of a rag tag team of special agents that travel around in a plane dealing with supernatural happenings. So far, so fun. Action and humor. Grade: Bmarvels-agents-of-shield

The Goldbergs
Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey lead the cast in this 80’s set sitcom. The pilot was very mean spirited, but above all, it wasn’t funny. The also got the dates wrong on some of their 80’s references. It wants to the “Wonder Years” of the 80’s, but nothing worse than a comedy that doesn’t work. Grade: D

Super Fun Night
Scene stealer Rebel Wilson stars in this new ABC sitcom. For some reason, she is using an American accent. She is a likable actress and a funny woman. You want to like this show… unfortunately, again it isn’t funny. And she deserves better. What happened to “Pitch Perfect 2”? Grade: C

Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green star as friends and video game enterpreneurs who’s lives are turned upside down when their fathers move in with them. Easily the worst show I have seen of the fall season… from the mind of Seth McFarland. I can like raunchy comedy. This is just bad. Grade: D

American Horror Story: Coven
The third season brings a new setting, and a new story. This time the setting is modern day New Orleans and a school for witches. There are connections to a racist slave owner, plus voodoo too. Ryan Murphy brings back Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson & others and adds Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts. I didn’t like seeing the torture of slaves, but overall it seems this will be another fun ride. Grade: B

So what are you watching, or avoiding this fall season? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Ops! I dont know any of the TV programmes listed here…believe me. Maybe we dont subscribe the same channels or….well, I dont know. One that I used to watch a lot and enjoyed was E.R. but it is not available here anymore. I used to think that the actor Noah Wyle was very cute, playing Dr. John Carter. Other one that I enjoy a lot is called Law & Order. This one is available at Universal Channel. Wonder Years? I watched here…and I remember watching what could be the last episode….how they ended….and I cried…Talking about Sleepy Hollow, I remember watching actually, a movie…Johnny Deep played the main character…I just loved it.
    Well, take care, as usual…very creative, funny and nice articles with many different subjects.

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