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As long time readers of this blog, you should know that one of my favorite items of clothing is my kilt. I am often seen around town wearing it. Yes, it took some getting used to… but now I barely give it a second thought when I put it on. So hear are the Top Ten places to wear a kilt:

Tartan kilt

  1. Concerts: You can be as dressy or playful with it as you want. I have worn it to fancy Christmas concerts (with sweater, shirt and tie), and to big arena rock shows like Lady GaGa too (with my mesh shirt). Great for dancing, and shows that you like to have a bit of a edge too.
  2. Nightclub: Did I mention it is confortable? And again shows off a man’s legs nicely and gets people guessing about what you are or are not wearing under it. I have heard of plenty of women buying drinks for guys in kilts. (Somebody’s got to be into that… now if it was cute guys… now that’s another story)
  3. Dinner Party: Dressier than jeans, but not as dressy as slacks, with a nice shirt and tie, you will be good to go. A great conversation starter, people take notice and love to ask what it’s all about. Hey, it’s comfortable, I’m artsy… I’m Scottish, etc.
  4. Wedding: Only did this once, and it was a gay wedding too. But it was a nice warm day, and I made sure that I coordinated the outfit with my partners. If they ever bring back gay marriage in California, I want to be married in one.
  5. The Mall: This I do on the regular…. Window shopping, going out to the movies/dinner, maybe even doing some real shopping too. I look good, and know that I make it work.
  6. Hiking: All over the city when we are hiking, I am most often in a kilt. Guys respond to the cool colors and prints (I have 2 camo versions). Great on hot days when you are trying to stay cool.
  7. Work: I have done this twice now… Once for Halloween, and once for my appearance in the company Harlem Shake video. But I asked Human Resources and they said I could wear it on casual day. So I should definitely go for it.
  8. Festivals/Gatherings: Renaissance festival, gay pride event, music festival, street fair and carnival, beach bonfire — all would be great to wear a kilt to. It says you are not afraid to take chances, that you march to the beat of your own drummer, that you are an individual who doesn’t mind questioning the status quo.
  9. Amusement park: Another place where you are expected to do a lot of walking… It feels great to not have pants rubbing between your legs. Just watch it you are doing any of those dropping rides, you might want to wear underwear!
  10. Church: I have done this a good amount of times too. God loves me no matter how I am dressed. He made me a unique person, and I am not afraid to let the world see my light. Someone even told me at church, “You know who you are.” I took that as a nice compliment. Nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin.

So did I any miss any places? Where do you like to wear your kilt? I would love to hear from you.

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Marriage Equality and  Rock the Kilt lines. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.


Comments on: "Top Ten Places to Wear a Kilt" (3)

  1. said:

    I like your kilt so much I even investigated buying you one, but they’re more expensive than I thought and I could not afford it. Maybe some day.

  2. Utilikilts raised their prices… they are $250 to $300, used to be more $125-150. Got the Scottish one for around $110.

  3. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Unfortunately, Brazil is still narrow minded about it. A kilt here, as far as I know is out of the question…one gay, I think about one month ago was not allowed to go to a graduation party wearing it. So, in this way, you can see how Brazil is still full of prejudice. Yes, we had a lot of good issues happening….many people are going to the court to get married, lesbians and gays….and they are being accepted. We have our gay pride days, that happens all over Brazil…but on the other hand, some aspects are not so accepted yet…for example, a man with a kilt…..but we are conquering our space little by little…

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