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If the Show Was Still on…

Ever wonder what your favorite TV characters would be up to in 2013? Recent years have seen shows leap to the big screen (Sex and the City), as well as experience re-boots (Dallas). After the “Sex and the City” movie (the first one) came out and was a big hit, there was talk of bringing “Friends” to the big screen too, but it hasn’t happened and doesn’t seems likely. And with “Dallas” a hit again on TV. It got me to thinking about the other big soap from the 80’s “Dynasty” and what would they be up to… So here goes my take on where our favorite characters would be today:


Ross and Rachel
They were giving it a try at the end of the series. I think they would have had another kid, but would have broken up, without ever getting married.

Monica and Chandler
Still together, they would have a large family and Chandler would have gotten fat.

Still with her husband Mike, she finally made it as a singer, and now was coaching contestants on a singing completion show like “American Idol.”

After years of womanizing, he realized he was gay. And is comfortable in his relationship with a former co-star. He runs a talent agency now placing people on reality shows.


Married to a much younger man (again), she would still be heading up ColbyCo.

Having to carry on now that Blake has died, she shares the running of Denver Carrington with her daughter Kristina.

Finally out of the closet for good, Steven has become a champion for gay rights.

Fresh out of rehab, and divorced from Jeff, she is trying to get her feet back on the ground, with no help from Krystal.

Still under his mother’s wing at ColbyCo, he is planning a hostile take-over of the company.

Now running for Governor of Colorado, Blake’s half sister is finding that it ain’t easy for a powerful black woman to get ahead in this part of the country.

Sammy Jo
Finally had some success at modeling, and is running a modeling agency with her son Danny.

That’s it for now. How on point did I get with the characters? Tell what shows I should tackle next.

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Comments on: "If the Show Was Still on…" (2)

  1. said:

    A fun column. I particularly liked the Joey speculation.

  2. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    The only character I know from your list is Joey, the Friends character. I think it was funny the idea of reading it. That actor Matt LeBlanc, in my opinion is a cute guy. Sex and the City never caught my attention. But here used to be a successful issue among women. It was funny to read how you could imagine the characters updated to 2013. It reminds me Moonlighting, the one that took Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepperd to the megastardom….I used to watch it when I was a kid.

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