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Why Should I Act My Age?

I am a huge Madonna fan. Recently I read an article entitled “Why Doesn’t Madonna Act Her Age?” They were pointing out that she is 54 years old, and lately she has been acting like someone much younger, showing her nipple in concert and riding piggyback on her 23 year old boyfriend. So what? She is Madonna, and she has shocked and enchanted us for the past 30+ years, why should she slow down now?Act Your Age?

I have heard the same thing said about me too. But who’s to say what is right or wrong for your age? I don’t like people telling me I am too old for this or that anymore than Madonna. For so much of my life I was concerned with what other people thought of me. When I stopped caring (or caring much less) is when I discovered myself more, and become the real me.

The things I hope would change with people’s age and maturity are being more open minded and accepting of those that are different. When you are young, you are listening to your parents, teachers and uninformed peers. Your world is small, and so is your world view. When you get out of your small circle, into college and the working world, I think you are exposed to more diversity and people from wildly different backgrounds from your own. This is when you question things like “Why do they say those bad things about gay people? — when all the ones you have met have been nice and down-to-earth.

I would hope that you act more responsibly. That you realize that all your actions have consequences… and that things you say and do have an effect on others. That you know you can’t go partying every night and be able to live a productive and healthy life. That you know how to manage a budget, make a healthy meal and how to cut back your carbon footprint.

So what does it matter if I am closing in on 50 and I still like boy bands, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, playing with stuffed animals, wearing Speedos and kilts (because I feel like it), cutting my hair in a Mohawk (or shaving it bald)? Who’s to say what 50 looks like? People are living longer these days. Just because we are older doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with life. That’s what Madonna is doing. She is enjoying her life, she has every right to! In the future, I am sure you will find some rest homes that have hip hop music playing for the people, and not old Frank Sinatra or Elvis tunes.

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Comments on: "Why Should I Act My Age?" (2)

  1. Dennis Ali Manzanares said:

    I have never ever acted my age. I let my little kid inside of me out all of the time. Blink 182 ever wrote a song about it called, “What’s My Age, Again,” where he sings, “No one should take themselves so seriously, with so many years aheadt to fall in line, why would you wish that on me??? I never want to act my age!!! Here here!!! I never want to act may age, as well!

  2. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    As always, your articles are so interesting. I could picture myself a lot in this one. Thinking about Madonna, for example: people are always asking me: “Dont you think you are too old to enjoy Madonna’s music? Dont you think you should dress better as now you are a 36 year old man?”. The answer in my opinion is “No, I dont”. Of course, I know that sometimes we need to follow the rules and dress according to them. But what is the matter if I want to listen to Madonna’s songs or watch her shows? This question is always bothering me. Once, about 10 years ago, I saw a friend in a CD store. He saw me and said “Marcelo? Do you still listen to Madonna’s songs?”…By the way, I was checking her albums in the store…I laugh and said “Yes”. I wonder if I meet this guy again, one day. He would probably think I am in a prison called “Madonna”. So, sometimes I go to the disco and I dance a lot….shouldnt I do that? Am I too old to face a dancefloor? No, again, I am not. When someone bothers me about my Madonnamania or that I dress “wrongly” because of my age…I say “Man…why dont you take care of your own life?” Not in a rude way, but I mean…I say to them to take care of his/her own life. So, be yourself, express yourself…and be happy.

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