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This is a tough question. How do you measure someone’s value in society? What is one person worth? And who is to determine my worth — my coworkers, my family, my peers, my neighbors, or the greater society of my state, country, world?What's Your Value in Society?

I have just finished the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. His impact on society and the world is great. But, I am left with the impression that he was not a very nice man, not even with his loved ones. He was often very difficult to get along with. I can’t say that Steve was a good person, or a likable one. I respect all that he accomplished and I am a lifelong Mac fan, but not a Steve Jobs fan after reading that book.

Do you have to have made millions of dollars? Or have invented something great? Or found a cure for cancer? Do you have to have raised some great kids? Or encouraged your spouse to greatness? Do you have to go to church every week? And have voted in every election?

I know for me, it has taken me a long time to say that I am valuable. I dealt with low self esteem and shyness issues for many years, not to mention the weight of being gay and Catholic. I felt so unworthy. I was a wallflower, someone in the background. Why did God make me the way that he did? I didn’t like me, let alone love me.

Now I know that I am valuable, and that I matter. You know the old saying: “To the world, you’re just one person, but to one person you can mean the world.” This is so true. I try to be the best I can in all areas of my life —  my work, my love life, my personal relationships with family and friends, my spiritual life, my exercise practices. I try to set an example by being a good person, treating people with respect and courtesy, giving back to my community and the world.

With all the death and violence in the world (gang violence, teen suicides, shoot-outs in churches, schools and movie theaters, and war anywhere), are people getting the message that we are all connected? That every life matters? This world is a crazy place sometimes.

If you listened to the news, you would definitely be depressed!

I hope that you see the value in your life. And that you treat people with respect and dignity, even if you do not agree with them. We are all valuable in God’s eyes.

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Comments on: "What’s Your Value in Society?" (3)

  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Well…difficult question to be answered, I think “What’s your value in society?” Well, I think we all have a kind of value. Since each human being is a particular person. But I dont know my value….Reading your article….No…I dont go to the church weekly. Only when I think “Hum, today I am going to the church”. And I think that people that dont even go to the chruch are not ETs or something. We choose our way, the kind of life we want to share. I also dont think that the idea of voting in a person should be mandatory. But here we MUST go to vote. But I dont think that our value cant be mesured if we vote or not. Unfortunately, it is mandatory here. But I dont think my value or persons that share the same idea is worst. It is a matter of choose not to vote. We build our values according to what we live. Our ideas, thoughts….and that is the great deal. We have a world inside of us. And of course we have our values. And I cant say mine are better than yours, I think. It is just a way of living. I dont go to the church very often, but if my friend does it….so what? I feel good sharing the idea that she/he goes there. Values are constructed according to the society. Some are open minded, some are narrow-minded…..and life goes on….by the way, great article, as always….

  2. scotandmoon said:

    I like your answer. Sometimes the one individual helping the old lady cross the street is doing more good than the one individual in a large group or organization that is not really getting anything done. I see a lot of that around me, unfortunately even with church groups meant to help a certain people in an area and the donations end up in someone’s pocket. But that’s a thought for another day.

    How do I measure my value in society? Personally, I measure it with the people in my life. I’m happy to help my siblings, and relatives, friends. If they smile back at me and give me a hug, I think that’s all that needs done sometimes. I learned that the hard way. Carrying the weight of the world is exhausting, so, it’s always better to concentrate on the world around you first. Don’t know if that makes sense. hehehe.
    Great thoughtful post.

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