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I am a creative person. I heard a study that said if you asked a young child if they were creative, they would say “Yes.” But when you asked the same people by the time they are graduating from high school, they would say “No.” How interesting! I have always thought of myself as a creative person (as a child, and as an adult) and I am thankful and grateful that I have been able to make a living off of it.A View from the Cheap Seats

I always enjoyed art classes in school. Plus I enjoyed doing crafts like paint by numbers, and Shrinky Dinks. Two of my favorite toys allowed me to build things: Legos and Toggle Toys. One of my childhood obsessions was amusement parks. I was certain that I was going to own one some day. It was going to be called “Wonder World,” and would have different lands named after countries/regions. I even made a little miniature version of Knott’s Berry Farm, complete with working parachute ride.

High school was a difficult time for me, as it is for a lot of people. I was taking drafting in school, but that wasn’t too exciting for me. I enjoyed decorating my bedroom though. I had all kinds of concert/celebrity posters. Plus, I used to make collages of music and TV stars. I probably wasn’t true to myself yet, so I put a sexy photo of a guy and balanced it with a sexy photo of a girl on the other side. Yeah, I know who was I fooling?

In college, I decided to major in Art. Graphic design was my emphasis, but I was required to take everything from Life Drawing to Art History to Sculpture and Jewelry. It was nice to be creative in all different areas. I have some paintings/sculptures from that time that I still have hanging in my home.

So the graphics industry is fine, but I still love to do other creative endevours on my own. I love taking photos — scenery, people, documenting all the fun events in my life. My partner and I have been taking up scrapbooking too. So now I am bringing back my collage skills from so many years ago, and applying them to my photos, but now with funny sayings and stamps too. Plus I have found that I enjoy writing too. I can’t say that it is something new.

I have long kept a journal for myself, since high school really. Plus when I started going to concerts, I found myself wanting to document them — since I would write reviews of all the shows I went to along with the set lists for each show. The blog has been a new creative outlet for me too. I can write about the concerts still, as well as about marriage equality, letting go of the past and my love for Speedos.

Another thing that I am pleased to be using my creativity on now is custom T-Shirts. These are fun shirts, that speak to those that want to celebrate their individuality. You can view the full line of shirts at

Recently I published my first eBook, A View from the Cheap Seats. This book contains reflections and reviews on my 30+ years of going to over 300 concerts. It is available from Lulu, Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble. It can be viewed on any kindle, tablet or smartphone. It is a must for any live music fan.

I hope that everyone finds an outlet for their creativity. I know you have it in you!

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Hiking in the Spirit and Real Kilt Men Wear Speedos. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.


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  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Well, Daniel…everyone says I am a creative person. Since I found out that I have that deficit attention disorder…it became a little bit funny. Not only because I found myself in troubles (forgotting meetings and addresses to go, for example) but because I found out also how creative I am. Sometimes, when I was still in the university I used to write a speech, related to some issue…And I let my mother to read it….and she always said that it was very good. Most of times, my creative moments are in the writing. Writting poems are funny to me too. Sometimes when I am upset or angry for a reason…sometimes I am online (MSN) and I am a litte bit in that way…I write a poem to a friend…and they says – you wrote it right now and it seems great, so beautiful…, I have my creative moments….specially when I am upset I try to write…..

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