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A View from the Cheap Seats

Remember the first concert you went to and how you were blown away by the performance? How the performer had the whole world in the palm of their hand and the crowd on their feet singing and clapping along? So do I.A View from the Cheap Seats

This is the beginning of my first eBook, A View from the Cheap Seats. This book, has been a labor of love for me. When I started going to concerts about 34 years ago, putting a book together was probably the last thing on my mind. But as time went on, I started going to more shows and compiling the set lists as well as reviews of each show. I realized how much material I had and thought about how I could present it to the music-loving public.

This book contains reflections and reviews from 30+ years of concert going

to over 300+ shows — everyone from Peter Paul & Mary to Wynonna Judd to Madonna to Journey and much more. It also includes my thoughts on the music and concert industry. For example, is it best to see someone when they are hot or not, or how about cheap seats v. down in front. What about the times I actually touched the performer? Or experienced something interesting happening… like Patti Labelle’s meltdown at the Hollywood Bowl.

Going to concerts is one of my favorite things in life. For a few hours, I can forget my troubles and be swept away in the performance. I am the type of guy who is singing, and dancing along the whole show. Believe it or not, I actually have made my hands bleed because I was clapping so much! I didn’t even know it until after the show!

I used to say if you loved the show, you would immediately see it again the minute it ended. Now that I am older, I would change it to the next day! Sleep is important as we get older. But you get my point! I definitely tell all my friends and family how much I enjoyed the show. And always hope that it will be released on DVD, so I can relive the experience again and again.

I have sat as close as the 2nd row for Donna Summer, and way up at the top for stadium shows too. I still had fun, and would do it all over again. It is a magical place to be for me. Concerts are celebrations of life, love, community, artistry and much more for me. They are a place where everyone is on equal ground. And you can bond with complete strangers over the music being played.

I am the guy my friends go to for information on concerts… when is so and so coming to town, and how much are the tickets? I have great memories of waiting for long hours in line to get tickets for a show… this was in the days before the internet, when you had to go to Ticketmaster in person and get a wrist band. I even had a rock star themed birthday party, and asked my friends to answer multiple choice questions about my experiences going to concerts over the years.

As you can see, I am a bit of a fanatic as far as live music. I have the T-shirts and concert programs to prove it. I have enjoyed my View from the Cheap Seats, and am looking forward to many more concerts to come. I hope to see you at the show!

This eBook can be downloaded from Lulu, Amazon and the iBookstore. It can be read on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. You may have to install one of these to read it:

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  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    I think when we watch the artist live is an amazing experience. The person is there, in front of you, performing. And every single show is different. I think if the person is singing during about 3 days, for example. Although the tracklisting is the same, we know that each night we’ll have one singer. Maybe today he is in a good mood, tomorrow he is not. Each concert is special. I had the chance to watch Madonna live during two times in my life. The Girlie Show and Sticky & Sweet Tour. I had an amazing experience. I remember when I watched Information Society too….This time, unfortunately, the MDNA Tour cant be watched….but concerts are always great. Here we have some free concerts sometimes. Not only concerts, but plays….and it is very good.

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