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Random Thoughts on Summer

Here we are a several weeks into Summer 2012, and I have a few things to discuss:

I saw a couple of straight guys (I think they were Middle Eastern) out by the pool sunbathing. One of the guys had his long board shorts pulled all the way up so he could get a tan. If he was wearing Speedos, he wouldn’t have to do something so ridiculous. But because of social pressure, and fear of being seen as gay or different, he decided to do what he did.

I was at a gay event the other day at Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles. This was the annual “At the Beach” Black Gay Pride event. It was a decent event, not as crowded as past years. One of the things I found interesting was people having layers of clothing. One beautiful black man that had 3 layers on: walking shorts, square-cut swimsuit and then a skimpier suit underneath (which he didn’t even walk around in). He wore the square cut for most the day, but pulled on the board shorts to go to the bathroom. Almost the same thing for a cute white boy. Board shorts with Speedos on underneath which he wore only on his towel. When he went to walk around, he pulled the board shorts back on. C’mon guys! If you got it, show it. After the kilt came off, I had on Speedos till I left — I walked around the beach in them, to the bathroom, and the car even. This is what a real man would do. He is not afraid to show some skin and be seen as sexy.Dan Green-Black TYR Suit

I go to the gym on a regular. LA Fitness, which used to be Bally’s Total Fitness. Twice now I have been asked in the jacuzzi by a rather large gentlemen if I was married, or had a girlfriend. Each time I have replied that I was single. I am not closeted in the least, but at the time, I felt it was not the time or place to get into it with the guy. Here I am a fit, 40ish white boy with a nipple ring and a Mohawk… I don’t know what he is trying to get at. After he asked me last time, I was getting ready to get out of the jacuzzi, when a straight couple sat down. The woman said “I bet you get a lot of girls with that haircut.” I laughed and said “Not really.” I have thought about it some, and if I am asked again I will tell the truth. There were 6-10 people around at both times, so if it happens I will be coming out to a group. I am a proud gay man, and sometimes people need to be reminded that we exist, and that you can’t just assume that everyone is heterosexual.

Also, at the same beach party mentioned previously, I ran into one of my coworkers. She is a beautiful black woman, and she was there with her girlfriend and some other friends. I remember seeing them together at one of the company Christmas parties. It is nice to know that I am not the only gay person in the company.

On one of our recent hikes, I was stopped by a woman driving down the road. She wanted to comment on the kilt and tell me how much she liked it. She said it was very fashion-forward and that I was the 2nd guy in 2 days that she ran into wearing one. Very cool. I am glad to know that there are other guys who like to wear kilts in L.A.

So how’s your summer going?  I hope you are having fun, and being yourself. You know I am.

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  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Well, I dont know what to say about this article. Being gay in Brazil is easier nowadays although we still have homophobia (well, it happens worldwide, we know, unfortunately. But we must to go on step by step. For example: atlhough I think wearing a kilt seems to be very interesting, I think here in Brazil nobody would do it. People here, I mean, the society is stll narrow minded. Here we have laws to protect us too. But people are afraid of expressing themselves. Boys in their 18’s-25’s…I think they are coming out of the closet in a easier way. But people like me, that is around 35….we dont do it. We prefer to stay in touch, kissing each other when we enter a disco, a gay place. And remembering the phrase of this article “I bet you get a lot of girls with that haircut.” , I know many gays that pretend to be straight in the public eye. For example: One straight man says to a gay guy (but the straight does not know the other one is gay…) “Look this woman, what a great breasts. So horny….”…The gay, sometimes here says immediately “Yeah, fucking hot”…I came out when I was a 25 year old man. And I gave an iterviews to a GLBT newspaper page. I admit that I dont know if I would act this way nowadays…as a 36 year old man. But I can say that it is easier for gays today to come out of the closet…and much better for women, that the pressure is not so hard. By the way, here it is not summer…it is winter now… and it is colder.

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