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I have gone to a lot of concerts over the years. Some years, I have gone to 20+ shows, others maybe 3. Some artists seem to tour almost every year — others once every five to seven years or so. Other favorites seem to have a lot going on, or they are at a different phase of their career where they don’t want to tour. So here goes, my list of artists I wish would tour more often:Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
She has a lot on her plate: singer, actress, dancer, American Idol judge (now ex-judge), model, spokeswoman and mom. Plus she has time for a personal life too. Since she has been out, she has only toured twice, once with then husband Marc Anthony and once this year with Enrique Iglesias. I am sure it will be a great show.

Annie Lennox/Eurythmics
So Eurythmics did tour a decent amount in the 80’s. But now, not so much. To me, she has a one of the best live voices you will ever hear. So soulful, and powerful. Between her solo career and the work with the group, she has plenty of material. She has inspired artists such as Pink and Kelly Clarkson among others. It’s about time she reminded everyone why she is so excellent.

With how huge her 2nd album has been, you think she would want to capitalize on that success and plan a big giant concert tour. Hasn’t happened. First off she was sidetracked with vocal chord problems, and now she just doesn’t seem too interested to do so. I hear she is writing songs for her 3rd album already. But, she is pregnant… so it will be years before we see her on the road again.

Mariah Carey
Never a big tour artist at all. I have seen her twice over the years, and am aware of 2 other tours. She definitely has the songs. Again, another influential female with up & coming singers. Now that Whitney is gone, she is alone as far as 40-something soul superstars. She is a relatively new Mom, so I respect her time to be alone with her family. Now, she has Idol to do…. So a tour may not happen for a while.

Kylie Minogue
Big everywhere but here, I have seen some of her concerts on video. She puts on a great show. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see one of her rare US appearances. Still not sure how she filled the Hollywood Bowl for 2 years running, but I hope she comes again.

Justin Timberlake
OK, I get it, you want to act. But I have had it with your movies. I can’t name one memorable movie you have been in other than “The Social Network” and now we have Justin Bieber acting like he is you. C’mon and please your fans and get back to music. I know the shows will sell out when you put them on sale.

I have seen her Pinkness 2 times over the years. She is a great live performer — very intense, but playful too. And attitude for days, with the talent to match. She is taking some time to be a Mom too, but I hope she comes back with a big spectacle like the “Funhouse” tour.

One of my favorite bands from the 80’s. They had some fantastic albums, but always seemed to be more of a studio group than a touring one. I finally did see them live, even though it is basically Martin Fry and a bunch of new guys, they still sounded good.

They never really caught on here like I thought they would. “Virtual Insanity” was a big MTV hit, but other singles didn’t catch fire. Maroon 5 owes a lot of their sound to them as far as I am concerned. A bunch of white boys, playing a mix of rock and funk.

Simply Red
I know that they have broken up now. But the 1 time I got to see this band they were terrific. It was for the “Stars” album, and the show had hit after hit. It is so refreshing to hear real musicians, and real singers displaying so much artistry. Mick Hucknall could go on tour by himself for all I care, I still would want to go.

98 Degrees
Well, I almost got to see them when they were together. I had tickets to the show, but then Jeff Timmons hurt his back and the show was cancelled. Then they broke up! But now I hear they are getting back together. I hope that I can see them this time. Team up with some other boy bands for a flash-back type show.

Brand New Heavies
I know, you probably never heard of this group. But serious music fans may know them. Excellent albums like “Brother, Sister” and “Shelter.” They play soul music. Reverential to the past for sure, but not a throw-back by a longshot. I have heard their sound described as acid jazz. I would love to see them in concert!

Gloria Estefan
The older stateswoman of Latin pop, had a string of hits in the 80’s and 90’s. She has officially retired from touring, but I would still love to hear her again live. Sure, it is hard work to tour and do big giant productions. I could imagine some sort of small theatre or club venture, where you play guitar and tell stories. That would be excellent. How about playing some gay pride events? You would be welcomed with open arms.

So who do you want to see on the road? Let me know.

Spice69man is a Los Angeles-based writer and designer. Be sure to check out the latest T-Shirts for sale here, including Hiking in the Spirit and Real Kilt Men Go Commando. They make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones.


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  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Well, lately Brazil is having great tours. For example: the box office of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour was the 2nd among the countries…The USA, of course, leaded the position. In the next few months here are some artists that are coming to Brazil: Dionne Warwick, Maroon 5 + Keane (yeah, seems they’re going to play together..),Alanis Morissette, Simple Plan and Madonna! I have to admit that I would like to go to more Madonna’s shows. But her tickets are very expensive…The Sticky Tour was amazing and as far as I know, she is already breaking all the records….Considering the artists above, it would be good to watch Alanis, for example. Cyndi Lauper came here some years ago and I was so stupid that I didnt watch it…and believe me, I could come back home on foot…it was so near my house!. But Madonna leads the #1 in my heart…I would like to watch her over and over!!!

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