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Blended Spirituality

This is a term I am hearing more and more of these days. Are we evolving as spiritual beings, and appreciating that there can be more than one right answer? I certainly hope so.

I was born and raised a Catholic. I went to Catholic school for 13 years. My faith has been important in my life. When I first cam out, my Mom seemed more concerned with me still being Catholic, than she was of me being gay.Spirituality Does Not Oppress

In adulthood, I have gone to various churches: Metropolitan Community Church, Unity Fellowship, Church of Religious Science, Lutheran and other Christian churches. I even tried out a new church in the Valley recently: Freedom Church. It is an offshoot of Foursquare, with an indie/rock vibe. But the community that has resonated with me the best has been St. Monica Catholic Community in Santa Monica, California. It is a very welcoming, gay-friendly parish and I know that I have made some lifelong friends there.

Besides St. Monica, one of the places we go to on a regular basis now is Agape International Spiritual Center. This is the church founded by the Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. He was one of the featured teachers in “The Secret” video. It is a new-thought ancient wisdom place of worship. They have spiritual readings from many sources, including the Bible. They appreciate the teachings of Jesus, but they are not Bible thumpers in the least. It is more about connecting with the universe, community and becoming the best person you can be. The message is there to lift you up, inspire you and make us better individuals.

I also enjoy the teachings of Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Texas. He is the smiling TV preacher, who has written a series of best-selling books — including his latest “Every Day a Friday.” This is the guy who filled Dodger Stadium on a Saturday night for one of his “Nights of Hope.” He is one of those people who wants to lift you up, inspire you to be your best self and have you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. His podcasts are free on the Itunes store. Check them out! He is not one to put people down about what they have done. I also know the complaints about Joel, but feel that he does more good than not with his teachings.

I love the fact that the April 24th episode of “Glee” (the Whitney Houston episode) had a discussion about religion and sexuality. The reality of it is that the Bible was written so long ago — they did not understand about life in the 21st century. What people claim is a slam against homosexuals, does not apply to loving same sex couples. They had no comprehension about the fact that people are born gay.

So what is your spiritual life like? Do you believe in God? Do you pray and meditate? I would love to hear from you.

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Comments on: "Blended Spirituality" (3)

  1. boringanduninspiring said:

    I think having our own spirituality regardless of beliefs is much more important than organized religion. I recently encountered some gay protestors that were also screaming that they were Christian and God doesn’t love gay people…my question to them was did they honestly believe God would judge someone for loving someone else of the same gender and not judge them for hating people they have never met…. they couldn’t answer me. That sealed the deal for me, I’d rather not be involved in a church or community with people that scream hate when the basis for their beliefs is suppose to be love. I consider myself spiritual not religious..because as your post says..spirituality does not oppress

  2. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Man! That question is hard to be answered in my opinion. Sometimes I believe in God, sometimes not. I tried to go to a Catholic church, then I moved to a Baptist church…but although I felt myself more comfortable in a Batpist church, the place is far away my home and I got lazzy. Sometimes I say to my friends that God hates me because my life is so upside down. But I think God only has love within…. On the other hand, sometimes people mail me messages that has maybe a prayer said by God and something like “Mail it to 20 people or something bad will happen….A man forgot mailing it and lost his job….”…People treat God sometimes as something that gives you the evil. I admit…I hate those kind of emails that says that God will do something very bad if you dont send the message to many people. So…Sometimes I actually dont know which is my religion yet. I tried Catholic, Baptist…and sometimes when I am so desperately I try catholic prayer. “Our father who art in heaven….” But on the other hand, I felt myself more comfortable when I went to the Baptist church. Confusing, no? I know….My mother was a non believer in any kind of God. But when she travelled to Europe with my father in 1993 she came back totally different! So, now she certainly follows God’s ideas and she is a very catholic person. Not with fanatism, but she is Catholic. She says, when she comes back from the mass that she prayed for me. All that I can say is to thank her. I know from the deep of her heart she wants me to be happy..and my family, her/my friends…So, I dont know yet but I am trying to think about coming back to the Baptist church…..

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