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Something revolutionary occurred during the first week of May in 2012. President Barack Obama declared his support for gay marriage. This was the first time a sitting US President has said those words. Sure we have had gay-friendly Presidents before like Bill Clinton, but never in our country’s history has the Commander in Chief took a stand like this. And it came about because of the gay and lesbian people he knows and comes into contact with. He realized that separate is not the same as equal. It is time for Marriage Equality for all.President Obama

When I was growing up I heard all kinds of negative stuff about gay people. They were sick, disgusting, unhappy and lived lives of desperation and loneliness. Then when AIDS started, you heard from churches and the religious right, that they were getting what they deserved.

Now I know the truth. I am someone, and I matter. I have been in a loving committed same-sex relationship for over 23 years. We have a strong connection. We care deeply for each other, and have been able to sustain this relationship with opposition from society, family and the church too. Unlike most straight relationships, we never had a big wedding in front of our family and friends. We made a private commitment to each other and have weathered the storm of ups and downs like all relationships. At the end of the day, this relationship has been life-changing for us. I thank God for my partner, Rasheed. He is my rock, my best friend, and my soul mate. He makes me a better man.

In 2008, we were shocked to have gay marriage available to us. It happened very fast, and it was taken away just a few months later. We did not get married during the brief time it was legal in California. We both feel that we missed our chance. Currently the case for Proposition 8 is tied up in courts awaiting a final verdict. Who knows when it will ever return to our state.

I know that the President is sticking his neck out here with his stance on gay marriage. Like a lot of people, I was expecting to hear this after he won his second term, not now. I just wanted to thank him for seeing all people equally. For making me feel that I belong and that my relationship is just as valid as one between a heterosexual couple. I am proud to have you as our President. And I will do my best to see you reelected in November.

Thank you for standing up for my partner and I. I know that there are millions of others with us on this.


Comments on: "Thank You President Obama" (3)

  1. It took guts. It was the right thing to do.

  2. MARCELO said:

    Nice article, Daniel…Gay marriage has been a common situation here, And I think we are, even in slow steps, being looked as common people, as straight people. We’re gays and we enjoy the same sex. The point is that we are facing the society and showing them that we can have a normal life, and be human beings….

  3. I think Dan says it pretty well here. We made our commitment and have shared 23 years together with little or no help from our communities. More times than not communities were hostile or neutral so we had to create a family that supported us for being us over the years. How is it that we threaten something so many of them seem to care so little about?

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