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High School Reunions

Do we really want to go to a high school reunion? It’s been 29 years since I graduated from high school. I went to my 20th reunion out of curiosity. So my thirtieth reunion will be in 2013. I don’t know that I want to go.High School and today

Some back story is needed here. What was high school like for me? I went to a Catholic all boys high school/college preparatory school. It was a 5-year program, such that when you graduated you had an Associates Degree in a Major. My major was Drafting & Design. I came to Bosco Tech from a Catholic grammar school. It was a tough school academically. I remember having 8 hour days, and then tons of homework.

As I have said in earlier posts, my teenage years where a bit tough for me. I was picked on in grammar school such that my parents thought I had an ulcer (I didn’t). I was called fag and gay a lot. That continued and amped up that first year in high school. I was made to feel that I was inferior, that somehow God made a mistake with me. I didn’t even know I was gay yet, yet somehow everyone thought I was. It was a dark time for me.

By the time, I graduated I had come to accept that I might be gay. The guys who had tormented me were long gone. I had some friends. I kept in contact with them for a few years, and then the friendships just faded away.

My 20th high school reunion was at a country club in the San Gabriel Valley. There were probably about 120 people there. And I was coming there with my partner. Not a roommate or a friend or a business partner, but my life partner. I introduced him as my partner. One priest came over and introduced himself as he thought that my partner had gone to the school too. (No he didn’t). I was the only openly gay one there from what I know. But it was something I had to do. I needed to make peace with the past. I had wanted to go to the 10 year reunion, but I was out of work and didn’t feel like spending the money or answering a bunch of questions.

We actually had a good time. We sat with people I was sort of familiar with and they were very nice to me. I even had one guy tell me that he was glad I was there, that he was worried about me over the years. Wow, people do care! Cool. I got a couple of business cards and promises to stay in touch that didn’t happen.

Don’t know the details yet as far as the 30th reunion. I will try to be open to it when I receive the invite.  I actually have made a few connections on Facebook with some high school acquaintances…  I’d be curious to know what they think about the possibility of a reunion.

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Comments on: "High School Reunions" (2)

  1. Marcelo said:

    Hi Daniel. Nice to read this story. I remember my highschool period. I suffered because I was gay and guys were all calling me names. But I met some good people too. But I never stayed in touch….some of them I found in Facebook….

  2. High school was hard, already been to one reunion, not sure I’ll go for another

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