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Loving Me for Me

Do you look in the mirror and love what you see? This weeks column is about self esteem and body image.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be buffer and not have acne. I was always slim, I can thank genetics for that. I was one of those people who could pretty much eat what they wanted and get away with it. I can’t do that now in my 40’s. Not so much concerned about weight issues, just about having energy and not feeling depressed cause I ate too much sugar. I remember having a Cinnabun about 6 years ago and getting horribly depressed afterwards. I will never eat one again in my life.

OK, so I can build muscle, but it is still an uphill struggle. I go to the gym and lift weights 2 times a week. Plus I do hikes on the regular too. I look fit though not a gym rat. I can take my shirt off and feel comfortable.

I have had issues with self esteem and my looks: I felt I was a nerd, too much acne, too skinny, glasses, not sexy enough, plain, average looking. Even if I was OK with my looks, I had issues with ME: I wasn’t funny enough, I was shy, I was boring, nobody wanted to talk to me, I was a wallflower, I was afraid I would stumble over words., I wasn’t one of the cool kids.

I am sure everyone can relate to these feelings. Everyone wants to belong and feel they are important.

Now that I am in my 40’s approaching my 50’s, I have made peace with my past, and have come to love me for me. God made every one of us unique. There will never be anyone just like me, I am an original. Learn to celebrate your individuality and what makes you YOU. When I stopped caring about what others wanted me to be (my peers, my family), and just followed my heart and my instincts, is when I really started to blossom. Love yourself — and others will notice it too.

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Comments on: "Loving Me for Me" (2)

  1. Marcelo said:

    Hello Daniel…Well, I am under pressure since now I am about 15 kg (33 lbs) over. I know that I MUST take care of myself. My mother does comments, but I know that from the deep of her heart she is trying to make me have a better look. I think that I must weigh about 75kg (165 lbs.) and I am almost 90 (198 lbs). I care about it, I take a look at the future and I know that aging makes it harder to get in shape. I must be careful…

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