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This edition will focus on what some prominent celebrities are saying on the issue:

George Clooney (on marriage equality)

A long time supporter of marriage equality, George Clooney believes its conservative opposition is facing an inevitable decline.Marriage Equality

“I think the world is changing and it’s becoming less and less of an issue and I think it shouldn’t be long now,” Clooney told E! Online at the Critics’ Choice Awards. “I think younger people are looking at this like, ‘Who cares?'”

“I do believe it’s generational, much like the civil rights movement,” the star, who picked up Best Actor at the CCAs, said. “Young people started taking to the streets and things changed. This really is the final leg of the civil rights movement.”

“It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens,” Clooney said in a statement announcing his casting in the play “Prop 8.” “I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people — like all human beings — are born equal in dignity and rights.”

Jason Mraz (on bullying)

While attending the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, Jason Mraz was touched by the cause. It brought him back to his own childhood and why he believes in standing up for LGBT equality. He took to his blog to explain:

“When I was in high school, I experienced being bullied. For whatever reason, there were a few students that enjoyed calling me ‘faggot’ as I walked through the lunchroom. On one occasion, just before graduation, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and picked up a few punches, kicks and scrapes to add to my story. I never knew why the handsome lads called me names or felt the need to bully me, but it happened and I let their actions contribute a great deal to my moving away from that community.

Shortly after the row, my best friend came out, sharing with his friends and family that he was gay. In my small town, this was uncommon and since then I’ve considered my friend to be the bravest man in the world. Aware of the hate within our community, I was afraid my friend might be inviting trouble to his door — but that never stopped him from being fully expressed.

This is why I am actively seeking equality for the whole. When all of us are acknowledged as the human equals that we really are, there will be no space left for bullying. It will no longer be wrong to choose one thing over another. Equality and separation cannot exist in the same space.”

Toby Keith (on marriage equality and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell)

The country singer Toby Keith says gay marriage doesn’t bother him and trying to stop it wastes time and money. He told “CMT Insider” that he doesn’t see the reason behind getting into people’s personal lives. He says refusing a marriage license to people because they are gay won’t stop them from living together, so it accomplishes nothing.

Keith also weighed in on the military’s now-repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that banned gays serving openly in uniform. He says that anyone with the training and passion should have the right to defend the country, adding: “Somebody’s sexual preference is, like, who cares?” The singer has taken part in nine USO tours to entertain U.S. troops overseas.

We need more people like these three individuals who stand up for what is right. And by being open and sharing our stories with others, we can win over even more people.

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Comments on: "Celebrities Standing Up for Gay Rights" (2)

  1. Marcelo Castilho Rogedo said:

    Well, being gay in Brazil got better in my opinion. Some cities have laws that can protect us. Here in Belo Horizonte, sometimes I see women kissing each other, or with their hands tight. For women, at least in Brazil, it is easier to be gay. Well, bullying was part of my life also. I had classmates that used to beat me and I also was the faggot of the class. But now, I am a 35 year old man and I got respect. My family loves me just the way I am. One day I was downtown and I saw a guy with a tshirt written “He’s gay” and an arrow pointing to the side. So it seems that the tshirt makes a joke saying that the person that sits near the guy is the gay one. For people that dont stand this kind of tshirt it could cause troubles. I would never wear one like that. Today, June 10 is the Gay Pride Day of biggest parade of the world will happen in São Paulo City. The newspaper says that 4 million people are expected. Sometimes I go when it happens here, but I dont do it all the time. Because I know that many people go there only be in the spotlight, not to fight for the Gay Rights. I see politicians, artists…but sometimes I think they only go there to promote themselves, not to help gays to fight for the Gay Rights.

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