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Getting Older

I’m nearing in on 50. Incredible as it is, it is only 2 years away. I have had a good life and time has flown by pretty fast. I am much more comfortable in my skin now, and like the person I am.

I don’t have too many complaints about my age. I have a lot of gray hair, my vision has gotten worse and I have arthritis at times. I still weigh about the same as I did in college — not many people can say that! Thanks to genetics and exercise for that one.

We are and we aren’t a part of the gay community these days. Let me explain. We live pretty far from West Hollywood hotspots and don’t go out very often. We are more interested in staying home watching videos than going to dance clubs. Because we both look younger than our years, I can’t say we have had any bad experiences as far as ageism in the gay community (not yet anyway). Then again, we are together. I am sure our experiences would be much different if we were both single. The dating scene cane be a very cruel world.

I would probably check out a hot new club in WeHo if one opened. I just wouldn’t be there a few nights every week! I would be more interested in marching for marriage equality, than going to a club. Meeting and talking with people, getting to know them and their stories and sharing my own.

By living our lives like we do, as an out gay couple — we are bringing the gay community to the greater community. For our neighbors in the apartment building, to the people who we run across in the grocery store or the mall, we may be the only gay couple they know. We are hard-working people, who enjoy the same things most people do — like movies, hikes, bike rides, chilling at home — we just happen to be gay too.

It’s a proven fact that the more people get to know gay people, the less likely they will be to vote against them come election time.

I definitely think you are more visible as a gay couple when you are older. When we were younger, people could see us out at the movies on a Saturday night, and think we were a couple of college buddies going to the movies. Now they probably see a gay couple. But so what? We are. If we went for an apartment, when we were younger, they would see roommates… now it is a gay couple. Again, who cares!

So where is life taking us next? Who knows. But I am looking forward to it! I hope people see us as role models, as people who enjoy life and just happen to be gay. I can’t wait to see Madonna on tour in her 70’s. I am sure she will still put on a great show.


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  1. Marcelo said:

    Hello Daniel. First of all, that is so great that your friendship lasts since so many years ago. Well, I dont know how I face my aging. Many people look at me and say “Marcelo, you dont sound like a 35 year old guy. Why dont you lie and say you are a 30 y/o ? But for what reason? Why should I lie? If my ID can reveal my real age? I face my aging normally. I dont have troubles about it. The funny think about it is that as a Madonna fan, many people says “Dont you think you are a little bit old to enjoy this woman or dance her songs?”. I immediatelly answer “No, I dont”. Because I really dont care about it. I am getting older and I stll enjoy Madonna’s albums. Many people says that I dont dress myself according to my real age. Some says that I dress sometimes like a teenager or that this kind of trousers. So, I dont mind. I know that I am getting older…we are all getting older. So, sometimes I dont mind about the society. That’s all

  2. Your like so many gay couples… Like you, we enjoy hanging at home. We often joke when we get out for dinner on a Friday night that we are a swinging cutting edge couple. We live close to WeHo and mostly walk their for coffee and frozen yogurt… And notice the graying of West Hollywood. Marks 53 and I’m 47 (I’m chicken I tell you). So glad your enjoying life. As one gets older one tend s to get more content.

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