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Oscar Picks 2012

I am a movie fan. It is one of my favorite things to do — to go to the movies, experience new worlds, watch great performances and marvel at how did they do that? When I was younger, I liked more of the “popcorn” movies that are big hits. Now I find myself being more excited by Academy Award fair. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed “Mission Impossible 4” and “Fast Five” but those movies don’t stay with me, or touch me, the way others like “The Descendants” do.Poster-Oscars-2012

Here are my picks for the top 6 awards. And in case you question my judgment, I won the Oscar Pool last year, and have gotten close a couple of times in previous years too. I am an avid movie fan, even taking a few movie vacations where I go to the movies every day that I am off.

Best Picture

The nominees are: The Artist, The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, The Tree of Life, War Horse

I have seen all except for: Extremely Loud and Moneyball. It is really a 2 film race here — The Artist and The Descendants. I would put my money on The Descendants, more of an actor’s movie than the other one, and because it is drama versus something lighter like The Artist. The Help could be an upset. Final pick: The Descendants

Best Actress

The nominees are: Glenn Close
(Albert Nobbs), Viola Davis
(The Help), Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Meryl Streep
(The Iron Lady), Michelle Williams
(My Week With Marilyn)

Michelle and Glenn’s movies were barely seen. No so, for Rooney Mara’s “Dragon Tattoo” movie. But since she is a newcomer, the nomination is a win itself for her. Considering that Viola has won all the awards leading up to this one, I think she is a sure thing here. Meryl Streep could be an upset.

Final pick: Viola Davis

Best Actor

The nominees are: Demián Bichir
(A Better Life), George Clooney
(The Descendants), Jean Dujardin
(The Artist), Gary Oldman
(Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Brad Pitt

Demian’s nomination was a big surprise. Clooney and Jean Dujardin have both been picking up a lot of awards for their performances. I don’t think you can rule out Brad though either — since he has never won and is in 2 Best Picture nominees. He could be an upset.

Final pick: George Clooney

Best Supporting Actress

The nominees are: Bérénice Bejo
(The Artist), Jessica Chastain
(The Help), Melissa McCarthy
(Bridesmaids), Janet McTeer
(Albert Nobbs), Octavia Spencer
(The Help)

Octavia has been the leader all awards season in all other contests. But this is one category that has been known for it’s wild card picks, Marisa Tomei, anyone? So Bérénice or Melissa could slip through and win it.

Final pick: Octavia Spencer

Best Supporting Actor

The nominees are: Kenneth Branagh
(My Week With Marilyn), Jonah Hill
(Moneyball), Nick Nolte
(Warrior), Christopher Plummer
(Beginners), Max von Sydow
(Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)

The two older nominees are the ones to beat here. Mr. Plummer has gotten more pre-awards season buss, so I will give him the advantage.

Final pick: Christopher Plummer

Best Director

The nominees are: The Artist
(Michel Hazanavicius), The Descendants
(Alexander Payne), Hugo
(Martin Scorsese), Midnight in Paris
(Woody Allen), The Tree of Life
(Terrence Malick)

I would have like to have seen David Fincher instead of Terrence Malick here. Finally, saw Tree of Life last weekend. Beautiful looking movie, if a bit long and strange. But again, I think it is between 2 people: Hazanavicius and Payne. Considering that Hazanavicius has won the Director’s Guild award, he has the advantage.

Final pick: Michael Hazanavicius

So enjoy the show, and let me know if you did well in any Oscar Pools.

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  1. I won the Oscar Pool again…. even though I missed some of the top awards. I did well with the little categories.

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