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Dancing for Fun

I enjoy dancing. Am I any good at it? not really. But I have fun with it. It is a great way to let off steam and shake off your worries.

When I was growing up, I remember seeing guys dancing on awards shows and thinking that would be fun to do.  Then came the 80’s and music videos. So many of them had great dance routines: Michael, Janet, Madonna. My friend, Damon used to love to dance. He was the one with a drink in his right hand and snapping his fingers on his left hand. I remember many nights going to Rage or Studio One in West Hollywood and staying to closing. We would dance song after song.

I even met my first boyfriend at a dance club. He was there dancing, and we exchanged numbers. I called him first, and then we started going out. We went out for over a year.

After Rasheed and I moved in together, we actually tried a dance class for a few weeks. It was at Millenium Dance Studio in North Hollywood. We took the introductory hip-hop class. It was a challenge! But it was fun… and definitely quite a workout! I remember sweating more in that class, than I ever do when I go to the gym on the regular. They even had a semi-celebrity there teaching the advanced class — Oliver, the token straight guy from Madonna’s “Truth or Dare.”

The 2000’s have brought us “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” I prefer “SYTYCD” to “DWTS” as they actually have to have talent on that show versus the other one. I love seeing all the different dance styles.

When I am at concerts, I am usually the first one to get up and dance. Sometimes it is just so hard to sit down. I was at the “Glee” 3D Movie recently and I had a hard time sitting still in my seat. I just wanted to get up and dance — but I didn’t.

At home, I play music more than my partner. I play music when I am cleaning up, doing chores, surfing the net, and looking at the paper. Suddenly a certain song comes on, and I have to just let loose! I will stop what I’m doing and do a big dance routine like I was in a music video, with me singing and dancing my heart out. I am sure if you caught me on video when I was doing this, I would have a big smile on my face.

Life is too short not to have fun…As Leann Ann Womack sang “When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

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  1. I like dancing salsa. All other dancing I just can’t have fun because I am horrible at them, like techno… how do you dance that? It sounds like fun and I want to dance, but I just tend to hop which kills my fun.

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