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The Appeal of the “Shore”

Now playing on MTV is the latest season of “Jersey Shore.” The show that came out in 2009 as a rip off of “The Real World” set in Jersey, is now celebrating it’s 4th season set in Italy. Why does this show still fascinate us? I will try to offer some suggestions.

  1. It’s a train wreck. You know how you can’t take your eyes off of a car crash on the side of the road, the one with blood and guts on the pavement, it’s a lot like that. Anyone who has waited in traffic for hours, wants to see something when they pass a traffic accident. We don’t want to see a stalled car, after waiting so long.
  2. We actually like these people. They have been in our lives for a few years now and we have seen their good times and bad. They fight and make up, just like family and friends do. They have become part of our TV family. These are people who we wouldn’t mind hanging out with over Sunday dinner or a night fist-pumping at the club.
  3. More laughs/quotable lines than a lot of scripted comedies. Snooki and The Situation are the stars of the show. They are great with comebacks and one liners. The episode with Deena and Snooki scheming to have wine at the pizza shop while working, reminded me of Lucy and Ethel and their hair brain schemes.
  4. Escapism. Had another boring week at work? Turn on “Jersey Shore” and be entertained. These people live to party, fight and f***. What a life that is! Most people actually have to work hard for a living. They have to get up at 6 AM and drive to a job they hate. Here they get up late, and stay up later… and don’t seem to worry about the cost of food or clothes.
  5. More soap than soap operas. People wonder why soaps are dead, I think reality TV has killed them. Definitely a lot of drama on “Jersey Shore.” And here we know people are definitely hooking up and not just faking it.

The show is not perfect for sure. My biggest suggestion for the show would be to get rid of Ronnie and Sam. I am so over that whole situation. I can’t say I like either of them on their own or together where they are really toxic. Cast some new blood on the show. How about a smoking hot bisexual male? That would really throw the guys for a loop.

Keep doing the show in different locations. So far we’ve been to Jersey, Miami and Italy. How about a season in Las Vegas? (which has been good for 2 seasons of The Real World). Or how about a season in Los Angeles? Have these reality celebs bump into Lindsay Lohan or Brody Jenner on the dance floor. Dance battle anyone?

So get your GTL on… That’s gym, tan and laundry to you Jersey neophytes. Kick back a few brews, down some shots, and enjoy the crazy antics down on the “Jersey Shore.” It is definitely a guilty pleasure.


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