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Seeing this has been my most popular blog post, I am revisiting the topic.

I wanted to mention a few things I saw on the internet regarding this issue:

First, I saw a posting on a message board from this guy who was considering wearing Speedos when he went on vacation toEurope. He was basically asking people for permission to wear them. I say, if you are feeling like doing it, just do it. Who cares what other people think? It is your vacation and you should not conform to what other people think is best for you to do. Like Madonna says “Poor is the man, who pleasure depends on the permission of another.”

I also saw on another message board about someone having a cousin visit from Brazil and going to a water park. The question was shouldI let my cousin wear Speedos at the water park? There were people quoting the park regulations and such saying there were no rules against it. Some people saying to buy the cousin some board shorts, others saying let him decide for himself. Others saying under no circumstance should he wear Speedos that they were too “showy.” Again, let the cousin decide. If you love and accept him as family, it will not matter what he decides to wear.

There are many theories to why US men choose not to wear Speedos or racing style swimsuits.

  1. The fact that more and more of us are out of shape, and thus do not feel comfortable exposing that much skin.
  2. The rise in popularity of hip-hop culture and it’s emphasis on baggy clothes.
  3. The rise in popularity of porn and it’s emphasis on guy’s penis sizes, nobody wants to feel inadequate with the size of their bulge.
  4. People will think you are gay. Don’t agree with this one at all, because athletes still wear them, it‘s just that gay guys are more in touch with their bodies than straight guys. They work out more and are not afraid to appear sexy.
  5. The US is very puritanical in it’s views about sexuality, especially male sexuality. A female can wear a thong bikini, but God forbid a guy show some skin.

If you look at photos of beaches and swimming pools from 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s you will notice swim briefs were far more common. Speedo-phobia came into being in the 80’s and 90’s. Again, if you travel abroad you will see more Speedos as the rest of the world is not as hung up on this topic as we are.

The message boards on the web are filled with comments on this subject. Here are a few choices postings I picked up on regarding men wearing Speedos:

  • Men in speedos can be a good thing.
  • Just FYI, if you are a straight guy, girls HATE them. They are the single worst male fashion faux paus ever. Under your shorts..fine. But wearing them chance of getting lucky.
  • I don’t think it’s a big deal. Not to rag on America, but we aren’t the most LIBERAL or OPEN-MINDED people, compared to countries in Europe, etc…. which is why many stupid women freak at Speedos.
  • Personally, I think Speedos are great and show that you are confident and aren’t intimidated. Be free and go nude, even!
  • When I think Speedo, I think hairy, large, middle aged European guy. Sorry.
  • Cuz they’re…. kinda.. small and tight. And you don’t see alot of men wear them except…….. homosexuals or swimmers.
  • Because the great majority of us are fat. So all of us fatties demonize Speedos so we will not be expected to wear them.
  • The majority of North American people have been indoctrinated in the Victorian Complex way of viewing the body and sex. While it is okay for a woman to show her breast and butt in a bikini, it is not alright for a fellow to hint that he may have reproductive organs. It is a double standard. If a fellow has a decent body and a good image of himself, why not?
  • Probably because men don’t feel comfortable with thier bodies. America is the most overweight nation and the nation that makes the most fun of Speedos. The men are not comfortable showing off their bodies!!
  • Because American men and women alike have been taught (by media etc.) to be insecure about the male body. If you look at the swimsuits of the 1950s 60s 70s 80s it wasn’t that way, but now that everyone is obsessed with the size of men’s packages they are all wearing massive shorts. I don’t know how anyone can swim in those things.
  • Because nobody really wants to see that much of you.
  • That’s the way it is throughout Europe…if you ain’t wearing Speedos, you’re a TOURIST!…and looked DOWN upon like a…well, it’s hard to say, but let’s just call it “outsider”…
  • Heck, even in the small Utah city of Kanab, it’s AGAINST THE LAW to wear Speedos in public…even in your OWN BACKYARD!…it counts as “being nude in public”, and it’s six months in jail and a $1,000 fine…
  • For me I don’t care for string “exhibitionist” bikinis for men or women. The women need to cover up more and allow men to wear a practical non-drag swimsuit.
  • Because no one needs to see your junk. (But I have seen enough of women’s “junk”)
  • I’m from Florida and I actually like seeing them on nice fitted guys. I don’t like seeing them on overweight guys though.
  • And you don’t have to wear board shorts at the pool if you don’t want to. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with and the hell with what others think because none of these people pay your bills.
  • Because…they are scared…down in Brazil where I am from, the guys wear Speedo’s but they are becoming Americanized as well and wearing those ridiculous long board shorts.
  • I always wear Speedos. Might as well show all I have while I can. And I do like the looks I get.
  • Because society is an ignorant and homophobic monster. People are too stupid and closed minded
  • My ex boyfriend’s 70 year old dad wore Speedos at the beach & he certainly wasn’t gay. I guess they were just comfortable.

And lastly, I wanted to share this photo of a straight couple I found on the net. They both look hot and he is not any less of a man for wearing that. In fact, I think he’s more of a man.

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Comments on: "Real Men Wear Speedos Part 2" (6)

  1. I have been wearing speedos for 43 years. I have received 7 bad comments during that period compared to over 200 positive remarks. Speedos are 1 of 2 articles of clothing men can wear to feel sexy. Speedos are comfortable, take little room to pack, you can wear them under your shorts for easy removal, do not get filled up with air in the water, are sleek to swim in, are easier to swim in than board shorts, easy to place in pocket for later use, dry quickly, keep everything in place unlike board shorts, make you feel sexy, make you want to work out and look better, make you want to walk the beach in something sexy, great to tan in, keeps you well groomed, are the motivation to keep lean, allow you to shown off great abs, legs and butt. It every man had to wear them, the US would be more fit. Some men do not come to the beach to pick up women. They can be straight and just enjoy the water, ocean and sun. If women do not like men’s junk, who in the right mind would want to date them, much less marry them?

    • Thanks Steve for your great comment. I wish more people were on our side. I am looking forward to another fun year celebrating in my Speedos… at the beach, pool parties, water parks and more.

  2. yankeesfanlen said:

    Will have to echo Steve’s account in most every detail. Have to add two personal stories: I was at Myrtle Beach SC this summer and spent part of everyday tanning by the pool in speedos. People from other states east of the Mississippi stay there for various lengths of vacation. No comments from any, and after a short time aquaintances were struck. So, after several weeks of tanning, I was into lighter colors. Alone a the pool one afternoon a young lady in her 20s entered with a bikini. Soon she was lying on a lounge chair and loosened her top.,. Shortly she made her bottom into a thong, and it was not the first time by my observation. Thongs aren’t allowed on the beach, half a block away.
    A few years ago I would stop for the night in Petersburg Va in a seen-better days hotel with a pool. At about
    2PM I went to the pool and did a few laps then got some sun. 4 families there with kids, all dads in requisite board shorts. Later went back, and 3 out of 4 dads were now wearing speedos, or at least short square cuts, still with kids and wives. Could the point possibly be that all guys actually HAVE speedos but won’t wear them without positive reinforcement? If so, then I’m in a revolution I didn’t know I was a participant in.
    Final thought-don’t want to look like I tanned under a box!

    • Thanks for your thoughts. This is all good to hear… I think people are becoming more open to different styles of clothes, including Speedos.

  3. Wow great post! I’m 23 years old and I have been wearing speedos since I was 16. I remember when I was 16 I was at the beach one day and I saw a guy wearing a speedo. At that moment it clicked for me… why wasn’t I wearing a speedo. I new guys wore them for sport but I’d never seen a guy wear them at the beach up until this point. I haven’t looked back since and I wear them regardless of what other people think. My collection has grown over the years… I now even own thong style swimsuits as well and love them. I think the trend is slowly moving toward shorter or more reveling styles for men. Men are starting to see that there are more choices then only boardshorts, such as above the knee trunks. I’ve noticed guys around my age going for these shorter above the knee styles of swim shorts… so before you know it speedos will be back in fashion.

    Bye the way you look great in all your speedos… the green one is my favorite on you. 🙂

    • Thanks for the nice response. Glad to hear of more guys into Speedos. It’s about time that guys have some fun with fashion and express their individuality. Speedos are not for every guy, neither are board shorts. There should be a variety, and I am glad we are starting to see more of it. As for me, I’ll stick with the Speedos — they fit me and I feel good about myself in them.

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