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Real Men Wear Speedos

Yeah, I said it. One of my favorite memories from my teenage years, was the day my Mom picked a spot on the beach for us. This was when my parents used to rent a beach house in Newport Beach, CA for a week. I must have been maybe 17 or so. My mom had gone down earlier and staked out a place. I came along a little while later. In front of our space, there were 2 very hot guys in Speedos. One had dark hair and one had blonde hair. They were very well built, they were probably fitness models. Both of them had on Speedos and they were working on their tans (these were the days before the tanning salons). I saw them reading Playboy and flirting with one of the local girls. The local guys were making fun of them, that they were fags. But from all signs, they were straight. What was the issue here?

These guys were confident and felt comfortable with what they were wearing. So what if the rest of the guys felt the need to wear long baggy shorts? The Speedo guys had the balls to be themselves and not try to conform to what a typical straight male would wear.

The US has always been afraid of  displays of male sexuality. I have heard from friends that have been to Europe, South America, Australia that Speedos are no big deal there, it is more often the norm than not. Professional swimmers used to wear the racing suits exclusively when they swam competitively. Now they often wear the full racing body suits and not the typical bikini. Women’s suits have gotten smaller and smaller. I had a friend just get back from Las Vegas and say how popular thong bikinis were for the women. It is about time that guys get to show their stuff too.

Me, I always liked men in Speedos. The athletes on the swim team, the gay guys on the beach with the nice bulges… I just gravitated to them more (the Speedos that is). Wearing them felt more like ME… they make me feel good, make me feel sexy and allow me to express my individuality . I never felt that I had to conform to what society told me to wear, I will go to a water park, a public pool, the gym, a pool party and I will wear my Speedos. Sure I get some looks… but so what. Some stranger has a problem with me being myself? Get a life!

A real man is confident in his own skin. He doesn’t follow trends and he treats his partners with respect. He is comfortable with his sexuality and not afraid to appear sexy. And he definitely could care less what people think about what he wears.

So lather on the sunscreen, put on your Speedo, and be proud that you are a real man. I will see you at the beach!

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  1. I like how you think. People now days conform to what other people consider normal. What exactly is normal? I don’t try to be someone I am not, and if people don’t like it that is there problem. I can be only who and what I am and that is me, and no one is going to change that. So wear what you want and do what you want because we only have this one life so live it the way you want. Be proud of who you are.
    Your friend and blog buddy,

    • Glad you got my point. I am much happier now that I live my life for me and not for society, church, my parents, friends, etc. Thanks for giving me a “Like”.

    • Thanks for those words of encouragement. I am a fit man and why should i hid?. Not only is it some males who might have a problem, but some jealous and chauvinist women who feel you’re taking attention from them.They on the other hand are allowed to run around naked, standard attire. If the print of a mans penis shows, so what. You mean butt cracks and cameltoes are more socially acceptable on women,(which is fine with me by the way) but me as a man should not exercise my sexuality or freedom of expression! Hell I like and need sunshine too! I’ll still leave the thongs to the ladies, Give me a break!. We’re all naked until we put on something. Why all the shame?

  2. […] too on the bike path. This was the spot of one of my favorite memories of guys in Speedos (see “Real Men Wear Speedos”). I remember one time I got it in my head that I was going to ride my bike to Knott’s Beach Farm […]

  3. […] Real Men Wear Speedos — I will never live this one down. And why should I? I still feel the same way. Guys look good in them, and men shouldn’t be afraid to show off their bodies if they are in good shape. I am looking forward to wearing mine to a water park this summer. Anyone with me? […]

  4. […] The Beach A great place for sunning, swimming, bike riding and hanging out with friends. Not to mention another great place to hang out in Speedos and the site for one of my favorite adolescent memories. […]

  5. Saw a fit 40-something guy at the gym pushing the envelope. He was wearing Speedos and a tank top in the weight room. I couldn’t see doing that…. but that is me.
    Thanks again for all the great comments.

  6. […] I have long kept a journal for myself, since high school really. Plus when I started going to concerts, I found myself wanting to document them — since I would write reviews of all the shows I went to along with the set lists for each show. The blog has been a new creative outlet for me too. I can write about the concerts still, as well as about marriage equality, letting go of the past and my love for Speedos. […]

  7. All I wear are speedos on the beach!!! Love them!!! So comfortable!!!

  8. […] clothing to get in the way If you are a swimmer, you have less water resistance with Speedos than with board shorts. You will move easier through the […]

  9. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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